Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 12th – 18th April, 2020

Love and Relationships

A new episode full of love and commitments is about to launch! There is a high chance that you may feel drawn towards somebody of the opposite sex living in the neighborhood. The feelings will be mutual. Be careful before making new friends, particularly those of the opposite sex. Minor disruptions within the family may make you upset at times. You will need to work out a resolution amicably. After all, there is nothing more powerful than peace within the family. We advise salaried employees to be on intimate terms with colleagues. Should there be any problems, they are the ones who will help you out!

Education and Knowledge

Students will not be able to dedicate enough time to their studies because they will be continually busy with social activities. They will need to keep academics as their top preference. It they do not do so; their learning will suffer. There are no options left, but to work hard for a satisfying progress. Students seeking post-graduation and doctorate degrees will need to be very alert in class. Focus, attention, perseverance and hard work will be imperative. We advise students from all walks to practice meditation regularly. This will jump start their lost focus and concentration. 


The movement of Mars ensures that there will be no major health concerns during this time. You will feel fresh and energetic throughout the week. Consider going on a daily morning walk. Even light exercises will help you stay slim and fit. Instill a habit of going to the gym constantly and exercising. There is a chance of a minor issue with your digestive system. Avoid street side junk food at all costs. Stick with healthy and nutritious meals. Your dinner should be as thin as possible. Beware of accidental injuries. Take all required safety precautions prior driving your vehicle.

Money and Finances

The positions and movements of the planets are not very supportive for any major financial gains during this time. Although, there may be a marginal increase in the inflow of funds. Avoid unnecessary expenditure and save money whenever possible. Money saved today will certainly ensure a brighter tomorrow! Managing routine expenses will not be a problem for you during this week. A small, unexpected monetary gain will uplift your spirits! Keep faith in yourself and your abilities and remember, patience is a virtue! Nothing is permanent. These trying times will be over very soon and the wheels of fortune will turn!

Career and Business

However difficult it may seem; salaried employees will need to stay committed to their work. They must continually strive to improve their overall efficiency. Doing so will ensure that their place within the organization is not exposed. Businessmen will face a stiff competition. It would be a great idea to explore new territories and build a new customer base. Short business trips will considerably increase sales and will be very profitable. We recommend that you take care of your documents and money while on such a trip. Abstain from taking any major business or career related settlements during this period.

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