Amazon Alexa gets long-form speaking style


(IANS) Amazon has introduced a new speaking style for Alexa and also added some speaking styles for other Artificial Intelligence (AI) voices.

The feature was introduced back in November and now, starting this week in the US, developers can use the style which is optimized for large amounts of textual information, to read aloud web pages, articles and more.

“Starting today, you can use a new long-form Alexa speaking style to create a more natural and engaging experience for content such as news articles or blogs,” Amazon said on its developer website on Thursday.

“Powered by a deep-learning text-to-speech model, the long-form speaking style enables Alexa to speak with more natural pauses while going from one paragraph to the next or even from one dialog to another between different characters,” it added.

Amazon is also adding its news and conversational speaking styles for the Matthew and Joanna voices from Amazon Polly, its neural network-based text-to-speech AWS service, and is adding its news speaking style to Lupe, its US Spanish voice.

AI service that will let developers create ”life-like” speech in 29 languages and further developers can now use 10 additional Amazon Polly voices to make their Alexa skills.

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