A Sneak Peek At Putlocker and It’s safety in 2020


Every movie junky has heard about Putlocker and how amazing its index system is. You can watch all the latest movies and shows through this giant streaming site. The original website was launched back in 2011 in the united kingdom. The best part is all movies are free to stream – meaning, you don’t have to spend a penny to watch anything.

Whenever you Looked for binge-watching all favorite shows then this platform used to get you covered as it allowed you to watch anything from popular TV shows to all latest movies. Now, the question is what has happened to the site? Is there any Putlocker site available? Is it legal? What domain name does it carry? Read on to find out the answers of all

How Putlocker was originated and later blocked by the UK high court

Putlocker is synonymous with online hosting index websites employed for streaming entertainment media for free. Since the site was gaining millions of views daily after the sudden shutdown of Megaupload – Hong Kong-based company providing viewers with viewing and storage facilities and gaining massive popularity in a comparatively short period. Alexa ranked Putocker among the top 250 most-visited websites worldwide. During its peak success, it was blocked by the order of UK high court. the domain address of the site has been changed multiple times and that’s why several domains are seized for bearing the name of Putlocker. The site has also been reported as the major piracy threat by MOTION PICTURE ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA.

Why Putlocker is not Legal?

Technically Putlocker is not legal as it hosts copyrighted material. People who either watch movies online or download anything are committing illegal acts. Many sites have emerged after the shutdown of the original Putlocker site. However, most are scam and show you any of the following behavior.

The website redirects you another site and asks you to enable browser notification
The website redirects you to a full-page advertisement.
You are asked to sign up or install software to continue.

Is Putlocker a virus-infected site?

Putlocker can redirect pop-ups banners and other infected sites that can ultimately harm your browser and computer. The practice to bring malware is common in such sites and affects your system through ransomware, trojan, etc. The WORST part is sometimes such sites sneakily install things that are hard to identify by the owner and gradually slow down your system and hack personal information. Therefore, it is always good to go for the legitimate method of streaming like Netflix or Hulu that mitigate chances for any threat. If you are new to watch Netflix shows, you can bookmark Wislay as it possesses all the latest information of the best shows, release date and spoiler alerts of all multi-genres series.

What precautions should I take while using Putlocker?

If you are interested in using pirate sites then make sure to use VPN – a virtual private network that hides your identity from authorities and snoops. Also, consider using anti-virus software that operates in the background.

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