4 Leadership Lessons from Two and a Half Men


Two and a Half Men is an American television sitcom that originally aired on CBS for twelve seasons from September 22, 2003, to February 19, 2015. Originally starring Charlie Sheen, Jon Cryer, and Angus T. Jones, the series was about a hedonistic jingle writer, Charlie Harper, his uptight brother, Alan, and Alan’s troublesome son, Jake. After Alan divorces, he and Jake move into Charlie’s beachfront Malibu house and complicate Charlie’s freewheeling life.

It was a fun comic drama which I enjoyed in the last decade. What I did find in the show, other than genuinely funny adults jokes, Charlie’s passion for alcohol, sex, music and Vegas, and Alan’s clumsiness is eight leadership lessons which, on this date, I am using in my life journey. Let’s begin.

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  1. Whenever you are in trouble, call mom:

    If you have seen Two and a Half Men, you have surely witnessed Charlie going to his mother every time he is in trouble. Family matters, no matter what. You must remember one thing as a leader- although it is good to leave your office worries at office but when things are crossing all the limits, take suggestions from family members. We often underestimate our mother. This is a wrong approach as it’s the ‘mother’ who has given you birth after carrying you for nine long months, and she understands your emotions better than anyone else. You will lose out on the most important suggestions in life if you cut the communication with your family. (even in work matters)
  2. Sometimes it is good to be alone:

    We all underestimate another thing in life, and that is spending time alone. Whenever Charlie Harper took a break from work, he was all alone. Every now and then it is good to sip a bottle of beer (Don’t OVER DO it) and enjoy your favourite sports on Television. The previous generation did not have bad mental health issues like the millennial era only because they knew the importance of sitting alone and relaxing. I have seen my father watching good old Discovery Channel alone in the guest room after a hectic day at office. This helps him and it has definitely helped me.
  3. Drugs and alcohol will destroy you:

    You may be the richest man on earth, but if you are addicted to anything that controls your brain, you will probably get destroyed. That’s what happened with Charlie Sheen. He was the highest paid actor on Satellite TV making over a million dollars per episode. His drug and alcohol addiction didn’t just got him fired from this amazing TV show, he also ended up HIV+ with no new TV contracts since years. Remember- life is short. You only live it once. Make it worthwhile. Don’t find fascination in distractions. You may feel like the most important man on earth but believe me, you’re always another spoke in the wheel. The wheel doesn’t stop running even if you leave. Humility is the key here. Be a visionary and inspiring leader.
  4. When life is unfair with you, it is okay to find humour in it:

    This is for the millennial leaders who get offended over everything. Yes, everyone has ups and downs but being humorous has massive advantages. Alan’s wife left him. Alan had to give alimony to his wife every month. He was ridiculed both professionally and personally. What did he do? He always tried making things right even if he failed almost always. While making the things right, he always had silliest of jokes about himself. This made him a loveable TV actor. It is always good to find humour in everything that you are doing. People appreciate good humour. Life should be treated with respect and smile. Take things easy, sit back and laugh. Laugh at yourself and that’s how you can regain your confidence level. Do no panic even if the life hits rock bottom. Always remember, you are here on this planet to learn, earn, smile and grow. Keep doing that.

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