6 tips to follow to stop sweating the petty stuff as a leader

Wouldn’t it be far more fruitful and effective and much less stressful and reckless if each of us could better concentrate and choose our actions and activities? Many individuals find this remarkably challenging to do so and often get bogged down by minutia and end up paying far more attention to trivial or lesser issues while often ignoring the bigger and/or more pressing issues! 

Only when we make a deliberate effort to avoid this often-self-destructive behavior/action, we best position ourselves to become far more proactive. This is the beginning of the mindset that it is essential and urgent to stop sweating the petty stuff!

1. Focus on the larger picture: What is your predominant, self-motivating inner, vital, and vibrant vision in terms of the essential meaning and/or priorities of your life? Make every effort to put things into prospect and distinguish between an inconvenience, that might be only temporary or relatively insignificant (in the bigger picture), and always ask yourself if the battle is worth getting upset or involved in! When you stop wasting time on minor stuff, you improve your potential and personal efficiency.

2. Care sincerely about your life purposes and priorities: It is crucial to distinguish between things that matter to the masses versus those most significant to you and to become conscious of your personal feelings, beliefs, and code of ethics, etc.

3. Use positive declarations: One of the most effective tools to become personally stronger and more committed to becoming better/more effective is using affirmations on a regular, steady basis. Your Affirmation List must include approximately ten concepts/ideas that you feel most strongly about. These may be attitudinal or action-oriented but either way must be stated in the present, and positive manner. For example, someone who wishes to feel better or less overwhelmed by addressing groups and/or giving a public speech should say, “I get my audience to care deeply about the priorities or positions I feel strongly about,” rather than, “I’m going to give a better speech,” etc. Put your positive statements in writing and read them secretly and in front of a mirror at least twice-a-day, preferably first thing in the morning, and before you go to bed.

4. Work on your attitude: Our attitudes often dictate how we approach matters and/or issues and we generally only acquire a helpful attitude. Don’t believe you can enhance your attitude in anything other than a fully committed way and work on this all-essential component on a regular consistent basis. Remove those negative words or expressions from your vocabulary and replace them with ones that better serve you. Some of these include: replace I’ll try, with I willthe problem with a challengecan’t, with either can or even better, will; Do my best, with getting it done, etc.

5. Find ways to unwind: Reduce your stress level and try to clearly focus on remaining clear-headed and calm! Relate to others: in an attempt to maintain your ability to proceed, without prejudgment. Don’t jump the gun, in making up your mind and/or responding but rather proceed in a patient, quality way, where you might be less likely to open up some sort of figurative Pandora’s Box.

6. Know and choose your battles: Avoid the tenor to be all over the place, but rather know what you feel most strongly about, and draw your personal line in the sand! Obey, consider, and pay attention to the adage which instructs us not to sweat the petty stuff! You’ll become more efficient, effective, and productive when you prioritize those items most meaningful to you!

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