6 things you must know before adopting a Chihuahua Puppy

They are everywhere – Chihuahua puppies.

Practically every time you turn on the tv, or open up a magazine, you see a Chihuahua puppy in a Hollywood starlets bag. Whether it be Paris Hilton’s sidekick Tinkerbell, or Reese Witherspoons lovable pooch Bruiser in “Legally Blonde,” Chihuahuas are famous and everyone wants one.

Now before you adopt (adopt, don’t buy) a Chihuahua, there are absolutely some things you need to know about this breed, their health and socialization.

These 6 actors are the most important.

  1. They need to be well socialized. If you don’t have time to socialize your Chihuahua puppy then you shouldn’t get one. Chihuahuas need to be socialized properly since they have a tendency to bond only with their owners and already have a predisposition to being snippy with strangers.
  2. Seems chihuahuas are carried everywhere and that’s part of their appeal, but make sure you put them down and get
    them to walk on their own. When you don’t let them walk on their own they can become very uncomfortable out of the arms of their owner and react with aggression in order to deal with change.
  3. These dogs are not great with children unless they were raised with them. Chihuahuas are high strung and have a low tolerance. They don’t cope well with the antics and rambunctiousness of little children. They can be snippy and will bite a child if provoked. This breed is better suited to busy people without children and for elder people who are looking for a companion and little maintenance (these dogs require little exercise, are great apartment dwellers and can be trained to use the litter box.)
  4. Chihuahuas are very loyal and have a tendency to bond with their owner…only. They are very dependent and like to be around you and do what you are doing. If you have little time to spend with your puppy and want a dog who is a little more independent, than this dog is not for you.
  5. Chihuahuas have the longest life span of any breed of dog. If you are not ready to make an 11-18 year commitment to them, and your interest in them is just a novelty (they look so cute in those celebrity magazines being toted around in a bag,) then don’t get a Chihuahua.
  6. If you move around a lot, this may not be the breed for you. Chihuahuas don’t adapt well to new environments and will often act out with barking and unsuitable behavior. They prefer to have a stable environments so if you are constantly traveling around (business etc…) then consider a less high strung breed.

That being said, the Chihuahua is a great dog and right for the right kind of family. Before adopting a Chihuahua puppy think about the various points mentioned above and decide whether you see parts of your life in the above checklist.

Chihuahuas are intelligent, alert, and loyal companions. They love to give and receive affection but again this is dependent on your understanding of the nuances of this breed and how well they are trained and socialized from puppyhood.

Good luck!

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