6 Mind-Blowing Entrepreneurship lessons from Dexter


After Alex mixed leadership with classic cartoons of the previous era, I am now bringing entrepreneurship lessons for the curious minds.

Dexter’s Laboratory is an animated television series which telecasted on Cartoon Network. The cartoon follows Dexter, a genius and inventor with a secret laboratory in his room, which he keeps hidden from the world, including his parents. He is in a tiresome yet humorous battles with his older sister Dee Dee, who always finds a way to get inside Dexter’s lab and inadvertently damage his experiments. Dexter also engages in a bitter rivalry with a fellow boy-genius named Mandark, who is Dexter’s neighbor and classmate.

Here are six lessons an entrepreneur can learn from one of my favourite cartoon as a child.

  1. No matter what happens, don’t deviate from goals.

    Dexter, as a young scientist, taught me no matters how many obstacles you have to reach your goal, you have to fight everything and move on towards your destination. Dee Dee ended up destroying all his experiments in almost every episode, but Dexter never gave up. He kept experimenting. This is an important lesson for all entrepreneurs. We always have different challenges in life. We are always up against both technical and creative issues, but giving up is never a solution. Facing the challenges, no matter how hard it gets, is the secret to a successful entrepreneur journey.
  2. Education is not overrated.

    I have seen a lot of mentors propagating ‘dropping out from college’ is the way forward to success. In some cases, yes it has worked but we have to see the other side as well. Dexter didn’t buy into the millennial saying that education is a waste of time. He stayed with his school, and learned to do some pretty cool things. Education is important & schooling is not overrated.
  3. You can’t achieve everything alone.

    Dexter always wanted to keep his lab a secret. He tried to hide everything from his parents. However, when the situation turned extreme, he always depended on Dee Dee to bail him out. You need to adapt to teamwork no matter how good you are. As entrepreneurs, it is very important to divide work. You always need people to help you. It is reduce your load and help you focus on the bigger picture.
  4. Being overly self-centred in Wrong.

    As much as Dexter prides himself for his awe-inspiring intellect, he always winds up being in the discomfort zone. We, as entrepreneurs, must realise that humility and knowing our flaws are just as import as excelling in our strengths. Be down to earth and don’t be self-centred. This will help you immensely in your entrepreneurship journey.
  5. Learn to balance work with play time. 

    In one episode Dimwit Dexter, Dexter realises that he’s losing his smartness because he’s been working and studying too hard. His mind was giving up on his body because of lack of exercise. For aspiring entrepreneurs, this is an essential lesson. All work and no play will turn your ambition into a liability. Divide time carefully.
  6. Originality is key in both business and life.

    When Dexter tries to become something or someone else in a few episodes his plan fails. He can’t fake being anything other than who he really is. Don’t pretend. Embrace your flaws. That’s the secret to living.

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