5 Leadership lessons from Hindu God, Hanuman


Hanuman is a Hindu god who is worshipped on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Hanuman is one of the main hero of the Hindu History, Ramayana. He is a Brahmachari and one of the Chiranjeevi. He is also mentioned in several other texts, such as the Mahabharata and the various Puranas.

The meaning or the origin of word “Hanuman” is unclear. In the Hindu pantheon, deities typically have many synonymous names, each based on the noble characteristic or attribute or reminder of that deity’s mythical deed. One interpretation of the term is that it means “one having a disfigured jaw”. This version is supported by a Puranic legend wherein baby Hanuman mistakes the sun for a fruit, attempts to heroically reach it, is wounded and gets a disfigured jaw.

One of my favourite gods, Hanuman, has taught me numerous things in life. Today, I want to bring to you 6 leadership lessons I learnt from Lord Hanuman. Let us begin.

  1. Speaking and Communication Skills

    From the events of Ramayan, we can perceive that Lord Hanuman met Sita for the first in Ashok Vatika. Sita was unable to recognize him instantly. But with Hanuman’s exceptional speaking skills, he could convince Sita that he is the only messenger of Lord Rama. 

    Lesson: What we learn here is a leadership lesson that holds incredible importance. Speaking skills not only assists you in building a good social circle as a leader but, it also helps you in building an authentic reputation among everyone. This is important as a lot of millennial leaders, despite having a good PR, are unable to build a correct reputation which leads to their downfall. 
  2. Prioritize and Adapt

    Lord Hanuman lifted mountains and used his tail to burn down Raavan’s Lanka. Hanuman’s sincere capacity to concentrate on the task at hand was unmatchable. His war-winning tactics and skills, more often than not, saved the lives and honor of many.

    Lesson: Adaptability is the key to successful leadership. There are many circumstances where everything is going wrong around you. It is during these trying times when you, as a leader, must create a proper road map towards your end goal. You must prioritize essential things which are to be done and adapt to the situation without fear. You will only win if you are tactical in your approach. 
  3. Loyalty

    God Hanuman’s only aspiration was to serve Rama, his lord. His faith was courageous. 

    Lesson: Loyalty is extremely valuable even in 2020. We all grow with different life-changing ideas and neverending goals in life. What makes successful people different from the unsuccessful ones is loyalty towards goals and ideas. Loyalty will not only help you in building a dream business or a team but will also help you in growing with your idea and polishing it until it becomes successful. 
  4. Leading from the front

    When Hanuman was building the bridge in the sea, it was his management skills that could drive the playful monkeys and other animals in getting the task done. During the Ramayan war, Hanuman led the whole army of animals with his excellence.

    Lesson: Don’t be an escapist. Lead from the front. Even during the worst crisis, a leader will always stand in front of his/her team and guide them towards victory. This is what ‘crisis management’ is all about. 
  5. Strive for the stars

    When Hanuman was a child, he sprang into the sky thinking that the sun was a fruit. To seize and enjoy the fruit in the sky, Hanuman became larger and larger and consumed the sun.

    Lesson: ….and the final lesson from God hanuman: Age is just a number. Aim for the stars while building your organization. In this world of neck to neck competition, people with an infinitely strong vision thrive. Don’t stop yourself from taking the next critical steps as fear is never an option in leadership. 

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