4 Tips to Improve the Presentation of Your Business as an Entrepreneur

Being presented well in these tough financial times can be the distinction between a customer taking your product, or your competitor. So what do you do to become fully presented and attract the attention of your clients? Here are some of the best tips I use to improve my services in the customer’s eye:

  1. Clean! Cleanliness is one of the easiest things you can improve when it comes to improving your presentation. If your customers are experiencing anything less than a spotlessly clean shopfront or office environment right now, then you can improve. Your ability to clean is only limited by your cleaning supplies, so go shopping and introduce the rule “if there’s time to lean, there’s time to clean!” and get your staff to become busy with this activity. You’ll also find that by being busy, you’ll naturally attract other activity (ie, more shoppers!).
  2. Move things around. Another strategy I’ve used to attract customers’ attention is to move my stock around or adjust the location of furniture. By moving things around a bit like this, you’ll engage your regular customer’s interest again. They’ll ask questions, look for new items, and be attracted to the change. Be creative and do this fairly regularly. I modify the display in my place at least once a month, and people are always looking to see what new is going on.
  3. What other senses do your customers use? By adding other ways to interact with your customers you’ll be appealing to their other senses. This gives you many more opportunities to leave a positive impression on their mind regarding your products. Add a gentle scent to your office or shopfront. People are stimulated by their sense of smell more than their other senses. Use “hands-on” displays so your customers can interact with the products and “get a feel” for their purchase before they buy. If you sell food, maybe you could contemplate offering a specimen of the product so customers know what it’s like. Once they’re associating with the products in a new way, they’re more likely to purchase.
  4. Music! Add a taste of sound to your environment to entice the kinds of customers you’re looking for. By offering a similar environment to your customers to what they’re used to “hanging out” in you’ll be appealing to their sense of familiarity. Get people to attach a sense of similarity and they’ll feel like they’re at home.

Enjoy enticing your customers to buy by applying these steps and you’ll find yourself with increased revenue, and higher turnover. Also, a nicer place to work!

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