3 Creative ways to Recycle Your Mobile


Now a days mostly all of us use the mobile phones that usually do not provide a life long service. Also, these gadgets come under a specific guarantee period of few months say 6 or 8 months. But, after this period no one is responsible for the mobile malfunctioning. Ultimately the end user has to take pain to go to the repair shop and bear the charge of its repairing. Often the battery of these gadgets become useless or there comes some problems with the display. Also many times mobiles may accidentally fall inside water and start malfunctioning. So there is a golden chance for the users to get a standard handset in exchange of the old mobile.

Secondly, in today’s world with the development of new and innovative technologies several new mobile gadgets are being manufactured with most advanced features. This increases the sense of competition not only between the producers but also between the end users. Thus, we begin to look for the latest and the new handsets which must be well equipped with the most advanced and sophisticated tools. But, after purchasing the new one we wish to dispose our old and worn out gadget. Now if we will simply try to throw it away or sell it out to others in second hand. We may have to bear a terrible loss. Hence, mobile recycling is a boon especially for those who are really obsessed with these wonderful gadgets and frequently buy the latest phones.

Here are the list of 3 ideas to recycle your phone.

  1. Table Clock

    Watches are underrated in 2020. We don’t often want a wall clock or a watch because we have replaced it with a phone. However, having a wall lock or a watch makes us successfully do things which are time bound and reduces our dependency on phone. Do you have an old school phone like Nokia with a number pad? Recycle it as a table clock.
  2. Recycle It Into a Wallet or Piggy Bank

    Depending on what phone you have, you can now get creative with how you want to use it as a wallet. You can easily convert a phone into a piggy bank/wallet. Just open the phone, take out everything from inside and you are left with a sleek box.
  3. Turn It Into a Security Cam Network

    Instead of spending good money to buy a bunch of security cameras, why not just use old smartphones? They work brilliantly, and it’s easy too. There are two ways you can go about this. First, you use apps on popular mobile platforms, if your old phones are smartphones. Second, you set things up manually so that the operating system doesn’t matter. Every phone these days has a camera. All you need is a charging point & place to hang your phone. Your security cam is ready.

Keeping all these points in views several corporate websites have started a new and most lucrative scheme for the mobile user’s benefit. All what you have to do is to simply exchange your old and used mobile that had only few features with the new and standard handset. Sometimes our merchants also facilitate the users by offering them liquid cash or check in lieu of your old equipment. Although, the amount received by the user depends upon many factors and several conditions and they may vary according to the present market policies and strategies. But this offer of recycling the mobile is the best and most feasible option for all of us. As we all look for the new gadgets every time in the market likewise we also want to get rid of the old ones without bearing heavy loss.

The innovative procedure of mobile recycling is a concept that is introduced in the market and is gaining popularity now a days. This facility is not readily available in any mobile repair shop or any other hi-tech unit.

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