2 Simple Creative Ways to use Rubber Stamps


What is Rubber Stamp/Stamping?

Rubber stamping also called stamping, is a craft in which some kind of ink made of dye or pigment is employed to an image or design that has been carved, molded, laser engraved or vulcanized, onto a sheet of rubber. The rubber is often mounted onto a more stable object such as wood, brick, or an acrylic block. Increasingly the hardened rubber image with an adhesive foam backing is attached to a cling vinyl sheet which allows it to be used with an acrylic handle for support. These cling rubber stamps can be stored in a smaller amount of space and typically cost less than the wood mounted versions. They can also be placed with a more elevated amount of efficiency due to the stamper’s ability to see through the handle being used. Temporary stamps with simple designs can be carved from a potato. The ink-coated rubber stamp is pressed onto any type of medium such that the colored image is transferred to the medium. The medium is generally some type of fabric or paper. Other media used are wood, metal, glass, plastic, and rock. High-volume batik uses liquid wax instead of ink on a metal stamp.

Rubber Stamps Art

Rubber stamps – those adorable and artistic parts of rubber (and sometimes wood) that we use for arts and crafts – can be great means to use for tasteful and delightful works of art, no matter how young or old. They are easy and effortless to use and guarantee that you or your child can use primary shapes and designs with a grain of effort. All you do is to dip in the paint and utilize it, right? This is how most artists use them, but there are a couple of other imaginative ways to use rubber stamps.

The first way is to make pottery. I bet you didn’t think you could use them to make pottery, but you unquestionably can. All you do is take some polymer clay – the kind you can bake – and move the clay with a stamp while it’s still soft. Sliding them in multiple colors of paint will also impress the paint into the clay along with the design. After this, just put on a couple of layers of polish and put the clay into an oven. When it’s done, you’ll have gorgeous and artistic pottery, made easy!

The second way to use rubber stamps creatively is to personalize coffee mugs or t-shirts, or any surface or substance that can be used or worn to make it unique. Just get stamps in the forms of specific letters and use them together to spell out a name or slogan. Your children will smile when he or she sees a t-shirt or coffee mug with their name on it. 

There are many other ways to be creative with rubber stamps; they’re just waiting to be explored by you and your kids today! So if you’re watching out for a new alternative way to doing crafts with the kids, give stamping a try today!

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