Work from home monitoring software: How To Make It Work For Your Business?

There have been more than 220,000 cases reported in more than 176 countries in the world. The numbers are increasing at a much faster rate everyday and businesses are being compelled to create physical distance between their employees in order to stop it from being widespread. 

All the places where more than 50 people can gather at one time are being asked to shut down temporarily until this pandemic can be controlled. People are being asked to stay at home and avoid as much physical interactions with others as possible and social distancing is becoming new normal in these times.

Work from home is not a new concept for the companies whose major work is done on an online platform. But with the outbreak of Coronavirus all across the globe, more and more companies are adopting this work strategy to help stop the spread of this disease yet continue their normal day-to-day operation with least effects. 

According to a recent research by Harvard Business School, employees can be more productive with lower rate of turnover as well as lower organizational cost after implementing the policy of work from home by an organization. It has been also found useful especially in the times of a natural disaster to have a distributed workforce so that the major part of the work is still carried out even if some of the groups go offline.

What are the challenges related to work from home?

Since this would be the first time for many companies to implement remote working policies, there would be many challenges or rather questions being faced by the employers in this regard. Few of them could be:

  • How to ensure that the same level of productivity can be attained by the employees while working from home?
    • Can the employees work with the same discipline as they work in offices and would the environment in their homes be as supportive and distraction-free as they get in an office? This is one of the major concerns for employers during these times.
  • How to monitor employees’ work when they are not present in the office?
    • The traditional monitoring activities have gone for a toss due to remote working setup. People would no longer be swiping in and out their entry and exit times at their workplaces hence their attendance and presence in office cannot be tracked using traditional methods.
  • How to streamline communication within teams to carry out all the tasks in a regular way as it can be done with a team in office?
  • What are the different new strategies that are required by the managers to manage their projects in an efficient manner?
  • How to protect sensitive data of their company or clients from being breached?

The list goes on with many challenges of working in a new setup. But to your convenience there are tools available in the market which are specifically designed to address all of the above concerns of an employer. EmpMonitor is one such tool which has been successfully giving service to its buyers from the past five years and has been used heavily by many companies all across the globe.

EmpMonitor: A work from home employee monitoring software

Since its inception in the year 2014, EmpMonitor has earned its name among the niche of employee monitoring software. It is an easy to use and easy to install free cloud based software which empowers employers to have control over monitoring their employees’ day to day work.

Especially during the early days of remote working, you have to make use of an employee monitoring software so that your employees learn to work in a disciplined environment even after their work location has been changed.

EmpMonitor with its many smart features will assist you in attaining that objective without any hassle and will address all the challenges we have discussed above about remote working. 

Let’s have a quick look at its features and benefits they offer to its users:

  • Track and enhance productivity:
    • This is the most important feature of EmpMonitor which lets you measure the productive hours your employee is logging in while at work. 
    • You can track their login and log out time based on which EmpMonitor will calculate their total number of productive hours.

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  • Location wise productivity:
    • If your team is spread across different locations with different departments then you can track their productivity based on their locations too.
    • You can pre-assign your teams, employees or departments with different locations and EmpMonitor will show you productivity based on these metrics.
  • Date wise productivity:
    • You can filter the dates for which you want to see the total productivity and EmpMonitor will show you exactly that. 
    • Based on dates it can also show which day has been most productive and least productive.
  • Take Screenshots:
    • If you are worried about a possible data loss from your employees’ pc then you can have a look at the screenshot of their pc which is being taken regularly and saved.
    • The time interval between each screenshot can be adjusted in the admin settings and it will serve you with the exact same number of screenshots within a particular time interval.
    • These screenshots are saved for the past three months that can be accessed anytime during this time-period.
  • Track Browser history:
    • Know which websites are being used by your employees during the working hours and decide for yourself if they are productive or just a waste of time.
    • You can know how many times a web page has been opened along with the title of the pages.
  • Deputize your team-mates:
    • If the team size is large in an organization then you don’t have to keep tracking every team all by yourself. You can give monitoring rights to the team-managers or team leaders and they can track their respective teams.
    • They can review websites being watched by their employees as well as analyze all other data of their teams.
  • Top apps used:
    • Do you want to know which applications are being used most by your employees? EmpMonitor will give you a comprehensive report of all the applications used by your employees along with the amount of time being spent on each of those.
    • You can have a look at the top ten apps used by your employees and you can see this data for a maximum of past six months.
    • To see which apps are used on a particular day you just have to adjust the date and it will show you exactly that.
  • Stealth mode:
    • If you don’t want your employees to know that they are being monitored then you can run EmpMonitor on stealth mode. 
    • They won’t know if any monitoring software is running on their pc because it will not show on the program list.
    • They will also not be able to stop this service from running on their pc.
  • Record keystrokes:
    • EmpMonitor can monitor up to a very minute level too where it can record all the keystrokes of your employees on their computer.
    • Through this you can also know what kind of messages they are sending, to whom they are sending along with the complete content of the message.
  • Cloud storage:
    • Since all the data is being stored in the cloud, you can login from anywhere and have access to the monitoring data of your employees.
    • This is a great way to monitor in a remote setup because there are no issues related to storage on the local network.
  • IP whitelisting:
    • You can whitelist anyone’s PC (mostly team-leaders or managers) through admin rights so that they can be exempted from being monitored.


EmpMonitor has been made not just for the times and working conditions that have fallen upon us due to Coronavirus outbreak. It has been tried and tested by many of our clients who have been hugely satisfied with its service for many years. 

Under such thorough monitoring conditions you can stay assured that the same level of productivity can be extracted from your remote teams as they would have been in a regular office setup. EmpMonitor’s keen eye on every pc makes it a smart and indispensable software not just for the office setup but in a remote setup too. 

The current times demand more work from home policies to be implemented by the companies and hence it is the right time to start your journey of monitoring your employees’ work through a work from home employee monitoring software like EmpMonitor.

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