Virgo Weekly Horoscope 8th – 15th March, 2020


Love and Relationships

This is a peak time for romance and you will spend quality time with your partner involving intimacy. If you are single, this is an exciting week. Elders in the family will be cooperative. If you feel the urge to argue with your partner, try to curb it as it may increase negativity in your partner’s mind – avoid ego clashes.

Education and Knowledge

Your focus will be at its peak while preparing for competitive exams and there is a high possibility of excellent results. Your teachers and family will strive to give their complete cooperation for the betterment of your knowledge and education. Mastering complicated subjects will be very easy for you this week due to your increased concentration levels and diligent hard work. Have faith in God and strive to keep up the positive attitude.


You will have an average health this week and there will be minor ups and downs. Stale and junk food is a strict no as it will lead to acidity and a bad stomach will drain you. Your health will be good in the initial days of the week but will slowly deteriorate in the second half. Thankfully, all your physical discomforts will disappear in the weekend. Your willpower and positivity will help you battle strenuous workloads.


Financial success is bound to happen this week, considering your efficiency in generating multiple sources of continued income. Try controlling unnecessary expenses and do not get tempted to splurge. Long overdue payments will finally come your way and you may even get a loan approved, if you have applied for one. Past investments will bring average returns now. Avoid liquidating your investments this week.

Career and Business

The week is profitable for contractors in real estate and they will receive high rates of commission. Agriculture and Horticulture will also prosper. Professionals from telecommunications sector will be able to meet targets. Salaried employees may be offered a raise or promotion and receive support from colleagues. The work place will be full of energy and zest, and your hard work will be noted.

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