Virgo Weekly Horoscope 1st – 7th March 2020

Love and Relationships

You will enjoy the company of your loved ones this week – especially the evenings. The relationship with your soulmate will leave you enthralled and mesmerized. For parents, the education and progress of children may be a concern. Communication with elderly family members will be very smooth. Avoid getting into unnecessary arguments with your spouse as ego clashes this week will only lead to terrible misunderstandings and an extremely negative atmosphere.

Education and Knowledge

Students will receive admission letters to universities of their preference and parents will extend their complete support to improve the quality of their education. Your mind will be very stable and serene which will help you in focusing on studying for exams. There is a high possibility of you doing wonders in competitive exams which will fulfil your dreams eventually. Your thirst for knowledge is extremely noteworthy and unquenched. Your constant diligence all this while will hone your skills to perfection.


You will feel tremendous mental pressure this week due to continued workload or business travel. You may have Acid reflux and stomach ailments this week. Strictly say no to junk food as this will add to your woes and will not allow you to meet work deadlines. However, as the weekend appears, your confidence and willpower will be brimming again and the stress will be dealt with. Your positivity and zest would be at an all time high which will make you survive all the hardships effortlessly.

Money and Finances

Your financial stability will grow substantially and you will enjoy profits from investments made in the past. You may purchase expensive gifts for your friends/family and see through extra sources of income. Debts and payments stuck since a while will finally be paid, thereby strengthening your financial position.

Career and Business

This is a very profitable week for businesses. The number of orders/contracts would increase tremendously and you may have to travel more often now. You may experience minor obstacles while traveling, but not worrisome. Telecommunication businesses will flourish with an increase in high quality clients/sales. Salaried employees will be presented with growth opportunities – little or small – and it is advisable to take them up. Few Government servants may receive a raise or a long awaited promotion.

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