Virgo Weekly Horoscope 15th – 21st March, 2020


Love and Relationships

This week will be very blissful with friends and family. There will be lots of affection and mutual understanding amongst family members. A beautiful evening full of romance is on the cards with your soulmate. Your marital life may face bumps if you indulge in useless arguments/ego clashes. You will be very happy with your children academically and they will make you proud and happy. Love and affection for siblings will increase.

Education and Knowledge

Students wanting to go abroad for higher education will be happy, as they will be able to get admission to the college of their choice – there is a chance of migrating abroad. Your increase in dedication and hard work will be noticed by your professors who may be inclined to provide you extra coaching especially. Your main aim this week will be to only improve the standard of your academics and you will try to do so with utmost zest. You would want to try new modern techniques and gadgets to learn.


Your physical health could face minor issues, but this will be combatted by your extremely positive mental state and flowing energy levels. Skin ailments are a probability during this week and if you see any redness or rashes on the skin, do not take it lightly and visit a dermatologist. Mid week, you could suffer from mild body ache and it would do wonders to take a break from work. Take enough care of your mind and body and you will comfortably sail through the week!


Your finances will remain top notch this week. Your business will thrive and affect your bank balance positively. You will manage to gain massive profits from new business endeavours. Investments made in the past will grow phenomenally and give returns. A family member might also contribute to your finances. This may tempt you to splurge, but try not to so that your stability is maintained. The week is quite favourable for stock/bond investments and trading.

Career and Business

This week is quite favourable for salaried employees who will be offered various growth opportunities – even a raise in salary, promotion or perks. Colleagues at work will help you meet targets and be supportive. Your work efficiency and performance shall be top notch! The demand for your products if you are into business, could increase during this period. The week ensures success and profits for people owning businesses – growth, joy and success is on the cards.

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