Virgo Weekly Horoscope 22nd – 28th March, 2020


Love and Relationships

Relationship with your love interest seems to be blooming! You will be closer to your loved one and every moment that you spend with him/her will be sheer poetry! Your neighbours will see you in a new light due to all the selfless work you may have been doing. Your friends will also be of help. Between minor ups and downs, the relationship with your spouse will remain amiable. With siblings, remember to forgive and forget wholeheartedly. Do not allow minor issues to ruin your relationship with them.

Education and Knowledge

The week seems to be extremely bright and promising for students. The efforts and hard work invested by them shall be noted by one and all. Your mentors and professors will provide additional support by giving you special coaching which will help you to enhance your knowledge even further. Students will be able to retain focus and concentration upon studies. Those who are desirous of pursuing higher studies overseas may get good news. If you are appearing for any competitive exams, your efforts shall be duly rewarded and your results will be very rewarding! Students, keep working hard and a miracle is just around the corner!


You would be flowing with enthusiasm and positivity throughout the week. You will feel refreshed and every cell of your body will feel the zest! You will have no issues going for any amount of meetings, be it personal or business. You may also hit the gym regularly, religiously and full of vigour. Ailments of the stomach are possible. Try and avoid eating junk and stale food to avoid minor digestive disorders. Overall, your mental and physical condition will be top-notch.

Money and Finances

Celebrate! Your finances are getting stronger everyday! Everything you do will bring you a fresh inflow of money. Your bank balance and assets seem to be gradually and steadily increasing. Investments pertaining to real estate will also yield sweet fruits. Various lucrative avenues and growth prospects will open up! As far as possible, try and refrain from indulging in unnecessary expenses. Do not engage in short-term trading of stocks and bonds. Stay away from speculations and particularly those offers that seem to give lucrative short term gains.

Career and Business

Businesses related to academics, teaching and coaching classes will thrive. Not only will you impart knowledge to students, but also your business will grow by well. People engaged in businesses other than academics will be presented with an opportunity to strike a major deal with reputed customers. Carefully plan and grab such opportunities coming your way. Contractors or entrepreneurs working in the service industry would also prosper. There is a distinct possibility of salaried employees getting a salary raise or a promotion, during this week. A transfer or relocation is also possible.

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