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Recruitment today has become an art – a difficult canvas to paint on considering the colourful pool of talent available today. Choosing an employee that fits your company’s ideals, who can make the company’s goals a reality and does justice to the role being offered to him/her is a very cumbersome task. With fraudulent data about candidates all over the internet, and loyalty being an extremely important factor, it is difficult to assess the honesty of one’s candidature. 

I believe in a world that heavily relies on technology, it is essential to develop a solution, a counter-evil to the ocean of unverified profiles of candidates available online.

This is when I came across a brilliant App on Google Play Store, called “Happy Minds” that aims to create a Video Resume of candidates seeking employment. Blending creative thoughts to facilitate exclusive time-efficient candidate hiring, the App has been carefully crafted as India’s most exquisite “Selfie video Resume App” to experience the joy of simplified hiring in just 60 seconds. 

The App also has over 200 positive reviews, along with 10,000+ successful downloads.

Why the App is Unique 

With Happy Mind’s inimitable “Selfie video Resume” – India’s first innovative mobile employment  app, it aims at connecting job seekers, employers and referrers all in one platform – thereby adding value to each of their aims. 

Unlike the conventional staffing processes, the app has added an efficient and unique twist to the usual process by enabling job seekers to transition from word-based resumes to ‘Selfie Resumes,’ where they speak about their qualifications, interests, hobbies, employment experiences and natural aptitudes in a crisp, creative and visually appealing 60-second recording format, that is available on the app. 

The best of these recordings are carefully hand-picked and shared with employers to glance through them.

You can take a tour and download the app right here.  

How The App Saves Time For Recruiters

The “selfie video resume” exhibits a candidate’s communication skills, confidence, attitude and domain knowledge in just 60 seconds, enabling the employer to instantly assess job seekers strength, unlike the conventional hiring process which demands a compulsive face-to-face interview for the same. 

Additionally, Happy Minds has designed strategic interventions in the App, like daily push notifications to 10000 + app users with instant access to live job postings, facilitating passive candidates looping. This assures stress-free hiring and exceptional time-saving. 

Here is a video representation of the same.  

A Sneak Peek into Happy Minds Manpower Solutions

Happy Minds, a Hyderabad based Next-Gen staffing company, is a combination of custom-made strategies and a diligent team that assist businesses in Contract hiring, Permanent & Flexi hiring of exclusively picked candidates whose aptitudes and expertise best match the client requirements. 

Their tagline speaks for itself – “Happiness@Work” !  

Their list of clients boasts of a spectrum of companies, right from start-ups to sophisticated Fortune 500 companies.

They house 120 + associates on payrolls operating from varied client locations. 

Take a look at the videos below, and click to see how Job Seekers and Recruiters can benefit alike.

To know more about their expertise, excellent strategy and mechanisms, selfie video resumes, you can visit here or email careers@happymindsms.com

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