Try Glo Online Yoga To Relax Those Stress Levels

Cortisol is a responsive hormone that your adrenal glands release to mobilize your body and keep you ready for action. When you face challenges, the hormone provides you with defense mechanisms necessary to fight or flight. Your body uses the cortisol hormone in regulating blood pressure, insulin release to maintain blood sugars, inflammatory response, immune function, and proper glucose metabolism. However, this hormone is also associated with stress, and most people believe it’s the primary stress hormone in the body. It is, therefore, essential to moderate its increase and ensure its levels are constantly low as a way of relieving stress. Glo yoga online provides you with easy ways of reducing cortisol levels and keep you free from stress.

Cortisol and Yoga

Cortisol is a fight or flight hormone. It helps your body in dealing with anything that endangers you. On the other hand, yoga online enables you to calm down and relax deeply. The cortisol levels vary from one body to the other, and they keep fluctuating depending on time and situations. Normally, your body registers high levels of cortisol in the morning, and the numbers reduce during the night. However, the levels can go high when you are faced with a challenge, and your body wants to react to it. In such instances, you can control the increase by engaging in some yoga online practices. However, you must ensure that the yoga poses you perform are not complicated as they may trigger the rise in cortisol. The most appropriate yoga online to practice for cortisol level reduction is restorative yoga. Here are some of its benefits.

Helps You Lose Weight

Weight loss is among the leading causes of stress in the human body today. High cortisol levels lead to weight gain, and eventually, you will develop stress trying to lose that weight. To avoid going through all that trouble, engaging in some restorative yoga practices will increase your chances of losing weight. When you calm down, the cortisol levels will automatically reduce hence accelerate your weight loss.

Increases Flexibility

When you lose weight, you become lighter. Therefore, it becomes easy for you to engage in more activities and even perform better in yoga. However, for you to become flexible and an expert in this yoga online, you must do it regularly.

Enhances Your Sleep

It is clinically recommended that you sleep between 6-8 hours a night. With high cortisol levels, sleeping even three hours will only remain a dream that can never be dreamt due to lack of sleep. You can take control of this by deciding to engage in restorative yoga practices. Before you retire to bed, a few meditation sessions will trigger your sleep. As stated earlier, cortisol levels are lower during the night. Therefore, if you engage in yoga, it will be easy for you to lower them farther and allow your mind to relax and focus on resting. This might be your only chance to experience a deep and more restful sleep in a long time.

Works as Meditation

The reason cortisol levels increase and become difficult to control is that they often happen without your knowledge. With yoga and meditation online, you will train your body concentration and ability to be present. Therefore, it becomes easy for you to monitor and detect changes in your body as they happen. Hence, it makes it easy to take charge before things escalate and get out of hand.


Healthy living is an essential requirement for every person. You, therefore, need to ensure you keep yourself motivated and avoid instances that will increase cortisol levels and trigger stress. Additionally, if you are starting yoga online with Glo, ensure to begin with simple poses and keep increasing as you master every step.

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