Trembling Career: Let’s Talk about Sunday Afternoon Crisis

You know the feeling, you’ve been having a great weekend, doing all the things you love to do, getting up when it suits you, wearing what you want to and doing things on your own schedule – not your bosses, when Boom! it hits you- the weekend is almost over, and that means it will be Monday morning again before you know it. When the realisation hits that another weekend is about to bite the dust you get a sinking feeling in your stomach and let out a big sigh. Sunday evening is pretty much a write-off – how can you be anything but cranky when you have to go back to the J.O.B (Just Over Broke) and start another week yet AGAIN!

It’s not for nothing that the major newspapers run big career and job sections around the weekends – keen to attract those of us discontented with our current work situation, they know just when we are vulnerable and thinking about change. Sometimes all we need is a change of company, a different office, a promotion or a new challenge to give us the motivation to bounce out of bed on a Monday, glad that we are heading to work.

But sometimes a new version of what we were doing before isn’t enough, or you are tired of changing jobs every 12 months or so- each time sure this job will be less awful than the one before, or you wake up and realise that the job you have been doing for the last ten (or whatever) years a trained for a few years before that for just wasn’t going to make you happy – Then What? How do you resign yourself to another 20 years of doing something you hate?

It’s then time to do something about it! It’s time to sit yourself down and think about what you DO like to do, maybe there are some aspects of your current role that you enjoy, maybe there are things that you have always wanted to be doing for a living – if so whats been holding you back? It’s time to write down some ideas, maybe seek some professional career counselling, enroll in some evening classes, set up your own business or just quit moaning!

There comes a point when you realise Life Is Short and you need to make some changes – will it be THIS Sunday for you?

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