Travel in the footsteps of iconic women throughout history


(IANSlife) International Women’s Day is celebrated across the globe to focus on ambitions such as gender balance across the world, creating an opportunity to recognize SHEroes throughout history who took bold steps to break through barriers.

Walk in the footsteps of women who defied expectations and broke stereotypes, and the destinations where they made history or where their stories began with These iconic women set an example of independence, confidence and legacy guiding the way.

Anasuya Sarabhai

Anasuya Sarabhai was a pioneer of the women’s labour movement in India and supported in her work by Mahatma Gandhi, with whom she set up Gujarat”s oldest labour union for textile workers. The union later paved the way for the founding of the Self-Employed Women’s Association of India (SEWA), the founder of which Ela Bhatt, Anasuya mentored.

Gujarat-born Anasuya, and orphaned at a young age moved to England to study medicine but later switched to study at London School of Economics (LSE).

Where to stay: Anasuya”s home is today home to The Calico Museum of Textiles, a museum devoted to centuries of Indian fabrics and weaving techniques – the industry of which Anasuya”s trailblazing activism helped to protect. The Hyatt Regency Ahmedabad offers the perfect base to explore the central business district and surrounding areas and is just a short drive from The Calico Museum of Textiles.

Michelle Obama

Raised in Chicago, Illinois, Michelle began her legal career after graduating from Princeton University and Harvard Law School. In 2009 she moved to Washington, D.C., when her husband took office at the White House. To celebrate Michelle and her legacy that champions a healthier country, educational opportunities and even classic American design and fashion, why not travel in her footsteps with a visit to these iconic US cities?

Where to stay: Among the largest cities in the US and famed for its bold architecture travellers will be spoiled for accommodation choices in Chicago. Sophy Hyde Park, located in The Hyde Park neighbourhood and is just a stone”s throw away from where Obama”s lived. This culturally rich area is also bookended by two of the city’s most significant institutions – the University of Chicago and the Museum of Science, so visitors will have plenty to see when staying in the area.

Frida Kahlo

Mexican artist and feminist icon Frida Kahlo is best known for her iconic portraits in a folk-art style which combined both realism and surrealist elements. Frida was part of the post-revolutionary Mexicayotl movement in the early 20th century, which sought to define a Mexican identity and her works continue to inspire popular culture and raise questions of identity, postcolonialism, gender, class and race in Mexican society.

Kahlo spent most of her life living in her family home in Coyoacán, Mexico City, which is now known as the blue house and is publicly accessible as the Frida Kahlo Museum. Frida is also famous for her relationship with fellow Mexican artist Diego Rivera who she married in 1928. In 1930 Frida and Diego moved from Mexico to settle in San Francisco, USA, where Frida showed her painting of the pair “Frida and Diego Rivera” at the Sixth Annual Exhibition of the San Francisco Society of Women Artists. They later returned to their native Mexico.

Where to stay: H21 Hotel Boutique in Mexico City offers travellers their very own home-away-from-home, just a short stroll from Frida”s family home, now the Frida Kahlo House Museum. This modern and luxurious guest house offers a range of room styles to choose from, some even offering a terrace for guests to enjoy and bask in Frida”s home suburb.

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