Three Good Morning Exercises to make your day

You probably heard or read many articles regarding the benefits (e.g. better metabolism) and convenience (e.g. training yourself to wake up earlier) of exercising in the morning. The following morning routine is devised keeping weight loss effectiveness, energy levels and convenience in mind. Try it out every morning for 21 days, and you will start seeing results in various aspects of your life, such as waist line, eating habits, energy level throughout the day, and sleep quality.

Good Mornings Exercise Step 1 – Bicycles

If you have a stationary bike at your home, this part is nice and perfect. If not, it is also fine; read on and find out how you can compensate.

After brushing your teeth and washing your face, hop onto the stationary bike and peddle. Do not set the resistance too high so that you have to peddle hard; set it at a level where you feel your thighs working after 5-7 minutes of pumping your legs. Peddle for 18-20 minutes, and no more. You should be breaking a little sweat by the end of this part.

If you don’t have a stationary bike, no worries. Lay on the floor on a yoga mat, stomach to the ceiling. Keep your back straight, and your arms on your side. Lift up your legs up and pump like you’re riding a bicycle. Pump your legs for 45 seconds, then put your feet down for 15 seconds. Repeat for 10-12 minutes. You should feel your abs working as well in keeping your legs up in the air.

Good Mornings Exercise Step 2 – 20 crunches, 20 sit ups

After getting off the bike (or off the floor), stretch both your thighs for at least 30 seconds each. Then do 20 PROPER crunches (with your legs bend at the knees at 90 degrees and not touching the ground in between crunches) and 20 PROPER sit ups (using abs muscles and not your back, and your back not touching the ground in between sit ups). You can do 10 crunches, rest, and then do another 10, etc. You don’t have to do all 20 crunches and sit ups in one continuous sitting.

Good Mornings Exercise Step 3 – Brisk Walk

For cool off, go outside and walk around the block and walk for 15 minutes. This cool off is important as you get fresh oxygen into your much-needed blood cells. Be sure to wear sunscreen if the sun is blazing outside.

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