The Significance of Vedic Astrology in Coronavirus.


Vedic Astrology has been a major part of India’s society and has been the go-to place for answers at times of Cosmic Conundrums – such as, Coronavirus. Today, there are over 550,000 cases of COVID-19 and 25,000+ deaths despite the hefty amounts of money being invested into medical research for a cure. The USA is at the top of the list of positively diagnosed cases, followed by China, Italy, Spain, Germany, Iran, France, Switzerland, United Kingdom – all having cases in 5 digit numbers. Today, it is a very contrasting environment in the world – half the world is quarantined at home to be safe, while the other half includes medical staff and administrators who are working overtime. This is one of those times that leaves a huge impact on the world with everlasting changes, just like 9/11 in New York, World War II, India-Pakistan Partition, etc. Today, we suffer from the Coronavirus. We as a world, got so busy in our mundane lives that we started to believe that everything could be bought with money, whilst forgetting that there are people in the world even today who barely manage to procure 2 square meals a day, even though there has been a decline in the population of that economic strata in the last ten years. Poverty, malnutrition exist today even in developed countries and not just in Africa/Asia.

Historical Evolution

Earlier, communist countries like China and Russia would not suffer from poverty – begging for alms was equal to a carnage on self respect but today, that is not the case as we do find poverty in several parts of these countries. This also led to the rise of Socialism. Today, Europe is full of refugees and any country you visit, you will find a small set of poor/homeless people there – whom we forgot to help along the way. Developing and developed countries had started to forget this section of people and believed that they had become invincible. Their societies were built by people who’s obsession with gym and the latest fad diets like Keto and Paleo led them to believe that they are healthier than others. It was a race against time – people had begun to believe that all the Vedas and other Holy Books have now been decoded and the world is on the route to obtaining the elixir of life, or, better known as Amrit in Indian Hindu Beliefs. While racing, we forgot that the world will never stop springing surprises of nature or otherwise. This can be compared to the Indian Hindu Story of the churning of the sea, where Gods and Demons competed to obtain the pot of elixir stored in the bottom of the sea, that led to the world to its end. It is said, that when the world was at the brink of collapse, the King of Serpents, Lord Vasuki saved the world from end by appearing at the right time. This story does not see a mention in the Bhagavad Gita, but is actually a very important part of the ancient Indian culture called Sanatan Dharma, which is the oldest form of ‘religion’ and became modern day Hinduism as we know it today. It constitutes principles to lead a life full of health, stability and enlightenment which were taught to the world by learned sages and mentors (known as Gurus in India). Every human was considered to be a sea, a sea full of knowledge and skill amongst which were hidden the most innate qualities needed to live a fulfilling life which could be found only if the individual practised Dharma and seeked Enlightenment – churning all the senses of the body just like the Gods and Demons did for Amrit.

The Virus

When mankind felt the most invincible, that’s when COVID-19 attacked the world and all the arrogance was burned to ash. One of the most developed and thriving countries of the world, China, was the first victim and now it’s prevalent in every country. People call it the Chinese Virus today and China does call out on the rising racism, but in all honesty, it’s a good thing the virus originated in China, considering the country had all the equipment and expertise to face this brutality. This is a better scenario than the virus originating in an under developed continent like Africa where medical research is not evolved enough – just like the outbreak of Ebola. Destiny had other things planned and pointed to something else.

The Coronavirus works more around the RNA, than the DNA and extraction of RNA is more difficult than that of DNA which is why a separate lab is required for research on COVID-19, and the samples are kept under watchful care. The RNA and DNA are also structurally different, as seen in scientific reports. The Virus was believed to stem from the live animal markets of Wuhan – it is not the first one of it’s kind and certainly not the last. Diseases will continue occurring. This is happening because of mother Earth’s response to mankind’s exploitation of nature. We cut the jungles of Africa and Amazon for farming purposes, we kill and eat wild animals in China and such atrocious behaviour was bound to come with viral consequences, pun intended. Mankind has come closer to animals that were never explored before, that come with it’s shares of viruses and disease, something that mankind is not prepared for as we know it today. The more forests we tear down, the more trouble we invite. Bats have been known to carry disease since long, and we cannot control it’s spread, but the least we can do is avoid contact with it and stay quarantined at home to reduce the effects of the outbreak. Lockdowns in countries are on the rise, which come with it’s own share of problems but are effective in the long run, considering there is no cure discovered yet. A vaccine may be invented in the next 1-1.5 years, according to esteemed American medical scientists. However, there is a role that Vedic Astrology and planetary alignments play in this entire conundrum. Is it all black and white? Is there no brown or grey? Let’s find out.

Astrology and Corona

Astrological Texts and Priests have been a source of enlightenment and stability in several parts of the world – be it China, Mexico, Babylonia or India. It was prevalent everywhere. Science took mankind to the Moon and is underway to take it to Mars. Elon Musk also enunciates that there is a lot that we do not know. Our relationship with the Universe in all of it’s entirety cannot be understood. Our bond with the sparkling stars does shed light on that of ours with the Universe and reflects innate secrets that are yet to be uncovered. Astronomical knowledge occupies a large part of Indian culture, but is incomplete without the presence of an astrologer – as is a body without soul. People around the world mock astrology and consider it to be a pseudo science because it is one that looks at the soul and not just the body. Even then, the world today is aware of the philosophies of Astrology, owing to physicists across the globe who have researched and spoken on the importance and existence of the Soul, better known as Aatma in India.

There comes a time of actuality and appropriateness, when destiny brings a certain positive synchronisation – this exists at a time when things are nearing the end, and when the world awaits the energies that always come together to turn nature’s end into a new beginning.

History of Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology helps in bringing perspective to the historical surroundings of this synchronisation, which can be challenging to explain simply, given the complex nature of the same. In Indian households and temples, the words Rahu and Ketu are familiar words, often mentioned by older religious family members or Pandits (Hindu priests) while advising children to not go ahead with a certain task they may have planned to do – for example, they may state “Do not go on that vacation to Bali, there is a strong influence of Rahu and Ketu on your planetary birth charts during that period”. But, Rahu and Ketu are not planets per se, they are more like shadow planets. However, in Vedic Astrology and Hindu rituals of worship, they are considered to be one of the Navagraha, or, the Nine Planets (Nav – 9, Graha – Planet). They are quite mystical and appear in different forms in the Cosmic Universe. Another familiar term is Shani, the Hindi word for planet Saturn – a term that several Hindu priests cite the cause for people’s familial/professional troubles, implying that the negative influence of the planet Saturn is too strong on them. This led to the birth of a temple culture in India, where every Saturday (In Hindi, Saturday is called Shanivar) people would throng to temples to pour oil on idols of Lord Shani to appease him, whereas, the Lord only wanted gentleness from people and to be seen in a more positive light. Whenever people face a problem and want to analyse it, astrologers design a birth chart for them, customised according to the place, date and time of birth, and keeping in mind the constellation positions in the sky. A similar chart was drawn up for the Coronavirus by different Astrologers belonging to different streams of specialisations wherein each chose different periods/dates to draw the birth chart, thereby causing a marginal difference between the opinions of all the astrologers, but eventually pointing to the same result. These dates varied from either 30th Dec, 2019 or 1st January 2020 etc.

How Vedic Astrology Explains Corona

There are multiple planets to be studied in Vedic Astrology – Rahu, Ketu, (Astronomically, Rahu and Ketu denote the points of intersection of the paths of the Sun and the Moon as they move on the celestial sphere), Brahaspati (Jupiter) etc. Rahu is now with Shani (Saturn) and Mangal (Mars), which shows Rahu in a ruthless form. It appears to be atop a Dragon’s head which by default implies a relation to China and is also entering the Mithun Rashi (Gemini Zodiac), which is fundamentally Vayu (an air sign). This combination of Rahu’s position with an air sign has a direct implication of resistance to breathing and respiratory problems – thereby attacking the organs responsible for breathing. The Solar Eclipse of 26th December, 2019 and the Lunar Eclipse of 10th January, 2020 were obliterated – both the luminaries. This was responsible for the fast paced spreading of the Virus, as per astrologers. Rahu entering the 3rd house of planetary motions, is also a sign of unnatural death – the trio of Rahu, Mangal and Shani is a terrible one that makes the circumstances even more scary and troublesome, rather, contagious.

Coming to Ketu, it is the shadow planet who’s influence leads to epidemics and fevers. Ketu is now aligned with Jupiter that leads to even more harmful times that leads to severe and contagious diseases. This period is also known as Guruchandaal Yog, a day and age where a teacher (Guru) must accept defeat and face suffering. But, it does not come without vengeance – thereby leading to a lack of vaccination and troubled medical research today. Ketu entering the 12th house of planetary motions along with Jupiter and entering the 6th house with Buddh (Mercury) is also unsafe, causing disturbed winds that cause a Chakravyuh, a circular trap, that is almost difficult to get out of. A way out of the trap is only possible if Ketu and Jupiter part ways which is predicted to happen on 30th March, 2020, when Jupiter enters the Makar Rashi (Capricorn Zodiac) and mankind can hope for relief.

Whenever a disaster of this magnitude arises in the world, there are more than just 1-2 reasons for it. Here, it is important to look at the position of the Sun – an entity that is the source of completeness, oneness and light and at the same time is a strong symbol of health, given it’s solar properties of destroying viruses, bacteria and germs. But in this case, the Sun falls weak. In fact, along with the initial stages of research on COVID-19 occurring close to the Solar and Lunar Eclipse, the Sun was also close to the Tropic of Capricorn in the Southern Hemisphere and was moving towards the Northern one, where the intensity of sunlight and sun rays is weaker – thereby not being strong enough to prevent the contagiousness of Coronavirus.

Vedic Astrology Predicts a Cure

Vedic Astrology predicts signs of a cure/vaccine for COVID-19 by 21st April, 2020 – marking not only the beginning of Summer but also the entry of the Sun into Tropic of Cancer on 21st June, 2020. The date 13th April, 2020 is significant as it marks the entry of the Sun into Mesh Rashi (Aries Zodiac) and brings hope of good news in the world, including news on a Vaccine. The date 29th April, 2020 marks the entry of Jupiter into Makar Rashi (Capricorn Zodiac), a combination that brings Raj Yog (the King of good times), leading the research process to speed up and pave the way for Scientists to uncover some very solid discoveries. Moreover, 25th September, 2020 is an extremely important date – it is when Ketu will move out of Mool Nakshatra (the 19th lunar mansion that is the house of Kali, Goddess of Destruction), leading to Cardinal Improvement.

History Repeats Itself Even Astrologically

Looking back at history, one can find several examples of mass disasters around the world that were caused due to poor planetary positions and their scientific effects on Earth. For example, in Russia there was a terrorist attack in a school in the town of Beslan in the year 2004 where 1100 innocent people (700+ children) were taken hostage and over 300 were killed which included 184 children. Even back then, the alignment of Ketu and Jupiter was prevalent, Shani was transitioning and Rahu was in the 8th house of lunar mansions. This led to the terrible and frightening death of so many innocent humans. The negative influence of Rahu and Ketu can be found even in the gory 9/11 Terror attack of New York, the Paris shootout and the London terror attack. Looking closely, one can find the planetary positions to be the same as they are today and as they were in the aforementioned incidents.

What You Can Do Today

At the end, we are only puppets on a stage, but we do have a soul – a soul that needs to be awakened from within and let it remain so. This can be achieved by giving up attachment to material wealth and instead embracing the quest for humanity and serving mankind. When we build our standards for success, it is important to assess how many people we are taking on that journey, and how many people we empower along the way – that should be the benchmark for our success, and not just fame or wealth. Today, when you are home with a mind free enough to retrospect, it must be quite obvious for you to see that no amount of money in the bank can measure the dire necessity for basic amenities of daily life, something we had truly underestimated in comparison to items of luxury that nobody even seems to require at this troubled time. Basic needs of livelihood and staying close to your family is more important now, something we have undervalued over the years and taken for granted. This quarantine, take the time to discover yourself, to understand your most innate qualities and to work on them, to see the world in a new life and to revel in the simplicity of being around family with the most basic items at your disposal.

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