Taurus Weekly Horoscope 22nd – 28th March, 2020


Love and Relationships

There is a distinct chance of you being attracted to someone in the neighbourhood or nearby area. Try not to get aggressive and possessive with the people from your life you love. To love is to set free! Getting too angry/aggressive with your friends, family or your partner will only cause distressed relationships. Although, the love between all of you will always stay! The overall atmosphere at home within the family will be pleasant and happy. A heart to heart discussion will definitely clear all misunderstandings between family members. Your spouse will completely support you with all your social endeavours. Just learn to control your tantrums and the week will turn to be a blessed one!

Education and Knowledge

Students will get independent this week – No job is big or small. You will manage to find a job and earn and learn at the same time. Roll up your sleeves and be ready for few temporary setbacks. You may not instantly get admission in your desired university and there may be some issues while picking the correct location for yourself as well. This setback may be due to a health concern or specific changes in the policies of your desired university. Meanwhile, use this time positively by preparing for your upcoming competitive examinations or take up courses.


Your stunning physique and fantastic health will keep you in the limelight throughout the week! All your friends will be jealous (in a good way) of your aesthetic and fit body and never-ending enthusiasm. Your habit of exercising regularly will be a source of motivation to anyone who talks to you you. Minor seasonal issues are a possibility only due to a sudden change in climate – although, no major health concerns are seen as your immune system will resist most viral attacks. Long journeys will be exhausting at times, but your enthusiasm will not reduce by one bit! You will easily be able to cope up with all your responsibilities.

Money and Finances

Your financial position during this week seems to be excellent. Do not think twice if you wish to get your house renovated, it’s a good time to do so. Just plan your expenses and budget carefully before the renovation work and take extra care that you do not exceed this budget. Refunds against taxes paid to the Government will strengthen your financial stability even more. Investments made in real estate or stocks in the past will start giving returns. Your asset value and net worth will also increase quite a lot this week. Keep a check on unnecessary expenses and do not get carried away by deceptive short term investments that may seem lucrative but are actually not.

Career and Business

Partnership ventures would do excellent this week. There will be a thorough understanding and a rhythm between you and your partners. If you have any branches overseas, their performance will be simply fantastic! You may be required to travel abroad for the sake of business expansion frequently. Such trips will definitely be extremely beneficial. The week is favourable for salaried employees too. All the hard work, dedication, diligence and energy shown by the employees will be duly praised by their seniors at work. There is also a probability of you being allotted some very important and crucial responsibilities at work.

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