Taurus Weekly Horoscope 15th – 21st March, 2020


Love and Relationships

This week, you will have a mixed week with your partner. The beginning of the week may see some misunderstandings but do not take them to your heart as they will be very minor and do no harm in the long run. Towards the weekend, you will bond with your partner and spend quality time. Make use of this period to form long lasting bonds with your loved ones including friends and family, as it could sow seeds for the future. Singles looking to get married will receive some prospects that you would find worthy enough to consider.

Education and Knowledge

Students will find it very hard to focus this week due to an increasing interest in Extra-curricular activities. Neglecting studies at the cost of entertainment will definitely wreak havoc on academics. Find company of students who are serious about their career. Avoid taking major decisions for your career this week as your concentration is not at a peak. The week isn’t too great for students pursuing higher studies. Students involved in research activities will excel.


Working towards good health will be a priority for you this week. You will be very motivated to join the gym or a new fitness regime. A regular exercise routine will go a long way in staying energized and healthy. You may have occasional body ache that would cause minor discomfort and you may injure yourself at the gym/whatever fitness routine you follow. This week indicates road altercations too, so be careful while driving, so please drive safe and follow all traffic rules. You will be blessed with an abundance of positivity and enthusiasm throughout the week which will allow you to fulfil all your professional and personal responsibilities.


This week is great for salaried employees in terms of financial growth. Their inflow of money will be void of any obstacles. If you have been considering upgrading electronics at your work place to increase optimisation of business, this a good week to go ahead with those plans as this investment done at a favourable time is bound to yield excellent rewards in the long run. Avoid trying out shortcuts to earn “quick bucks”. This will definitely cause losses – honest hard work is your best bet in gaining a strong financial position.

Career and Business

The atmosphere within the office will be pleasant and jovial. You will feel very comfortable and a sense of belongingness around colleagues. The bond you form with your superiors this week will be satisfactory. Your existing customers will be very content with you because of your continued services after sales. The quality of your goods will also impress everyone around. The reputation of your business will only scale higher and you will get new orders from clients. This week shows travel on the cards, to cater to needs of old customers. Business expansion and traveling abroad for it is also a high probability.

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