Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 22nd – 28th March, 2020


Love and Relationships

Position of the planets will be very positive for your love and other relationships. This is going to be the week when your child will make you feel proud of his or her achievements. You will feel happy and fresh while doing daily chores. The time you spend with your soulmate would be nothing less than sheer bliss! Love, affection, cooperation and romance. You will have it all! Physical intimacy between you and your spouse will be super. All in all, you and your loved one will be blessed in terms of love and romance!

Education and Knowledge

All the hard work and toil that was invested by the students in the past will be rewarded during this week! Teachers, mentors and guides will give students invaluable tips and advice which will enable them to understand and grasp tough concepts easily. Students will feel relaxed and will want to expand the horizons of their knowledge by exploring the subjects that they love. Hard work and honesty will reflect positively on grades resulting in more positivity and zest. Their grades will be outstanding! Overall, the period is full of success and happiness for students from all fields.


Physical wellbeing will be on top of your priority list during this week. You will do everything in your power to stay healthy. You will religiously follow a daily exercise regime. You will be inspired to join a health club or a gym. You will be able to fulfil all your personal and professional obligations easily. Your confidence, energy and enthusiasm will be unmatched! You will positively inspire people around you to stay physically fit. At times, a mild headache or uneasiness may bother you. However difficult a task may be, you will easily be able to accomplish it during this period.

Money and Finances

Female entrepreneurs engaged as a partner of the firm or a director in the company will perform outstandingly well in business. Because of such a performance, business turnover will increase and so will your profit margins! Any amounts given by you as deposits to various suppliers will be refunded during this week. You will have a perfect control over unwanted and unnecessary expenses, in business as well as on the personal front. Your financial team is going to do wonders for you! The investments that they had made on your behalf in reputed companies will start yielding sweet fruits of returns.

Career and Business

The week seems to be very positive for the overall growth of salaried employees. The hard and diligent work of salaried employees will be appreciated by everyone, especially their superiors. They may even be offered an increment in salary. There is also a distinct possibility of being transferred or located to a place of their liking. This is a very favourable week for businessmen who are considering expansion. With proper planning, such an expansion will prove to be very profitable. Businessmen related to agriculture, especially commission or trading agents, will prosper during this time. The week is full of positive growth prospects!

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