Samsung to shut its cloud-based gaming platform on March 27

(IANS) South Korean tech giant Samsung has quietly announced that it is shutting down the game streaming service PlayGalaxy Link on March 27.

“Dear Customers, Thank you for playing and supporting PlayGalaxy Link throughout the beta period. PlayGalaxy Link team hereby informs you of the end of service on 3/27/2020. After many difficult discussions, PlayGalaxy Link will be ended on 27 March 2020 due to internal policy changes,” the company said in a statement.

According to Engadget, Samsung has already revealed that it”s teaming with Microsoft on a game streaming experience that should debut later in 2020. Samsung may have decided to shut down PlayGalaxy Link to avoid duplicating efforts.

The Microsoft collaboration could lead to a better service that stands a greater chance of competing with incumbents.

The technology that underlies PlayGalaxy Link is actually from Parsec, a startup that has long been doing this kind of game streaming and was launched in public beta on the then brand new Galaxy Note 10 back in November.

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