Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 22nd – 28th March, 2020


Love and Relationships

This week is certainly not the best one to initiate a new relationship. You will be able to convey your true feelings to your partner in a beautiful set of words and with confidence! This will add charisma to your relationship. There may be a feeling of indifference or uneasiness with your spouse. It is best to avoid futile arguments and learn to forget and forgive. Words once spoken can never be retrieved. Be very mindful of the words that you use with your partner. Usage of harsh language will only increase the tension between you and your partner. Stay as calm as possible.

Education and Knowledge

The week seems to be pretty amazing for students. Students will be full of positivity and enthusiasm throughout this time. They will not only take part in several competitions, but win them too! Everybody will be full of praises and will applaud your all-round performance. Any confusions in regard to selection of subjects for higher studies will be sorted out. Students who wish to migrate abroad for higher education will also succeed. We highly recommend that students practice meditation in times of stress. Advice from teachers, mentors and guides will be its weight in gold! Listen to these advices carefully and implement every word of it.


You will be relieved from any old ailments that you had been suffering from during this week. Your overall mental and physical health will be in good condition. Although, we recommend that you be particularly careful about your health during the weekend. Try to remain as stress free as possible. Mental anxiety will certainly take its toll over health. Eat freshly prepared food and avoid roadside junk food. Yoga, exercise and meditation will be key factors. They will certainly keep you energetic and healthy. Eat food that is easy to digest and is nutritious as well. Stay hydrated by consuming a lot of fruit juices and water.

Money and Finances

This week is going to be great with matters of finance. New avenues of income will open up! You will successfully begin a lot of new projects during this time. These projects are going to prove extremely beneficial for you. This will fill you up with enthusiasm and self-confidence. There is a very thin differentiating line between overspending and spending where required. Try to control unnecessary expenses. This week is particularly favourable for considering investments in properties or real estate. It will certainly be beneficial in the longer run. Refrain from taking any financial decisions in a hurry or when mentally upset.

Career and Business

It seems to be pretty amazing as far as the growth of your career and business is concerned. You will be brimming with positivity and enthusiasm throughout the week. You will also be able to implement a lot of new business strategies and plans. You may be required to go on frequent business trips during this week. During the initial days of the week, salaried employees will be severely stressed out because of workload and responsibilities at office. Perseverance and luck will see you through these difficult days. Things will start getting better as the weekend approaches. Your hard work will be duly noted and appreciated by seniors.

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