Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 1st – 7th March 2020


Love and Relationships

There is a high possibility of singles developing an attraction towards someone of the opposite sex within their friends circle. You’ll have a beautiful relationship with your loved ones this week. Married couples may face some harsh moments, with unnecessary arguments and an increase in difference of opinions. Don’t forget that you love your spouse and let go of ego – Forgive and Forget, as things are going to get better soon. Make sure to devote plenty of time to your father, especially if he is ill – failing to do so may cause severe misunderstandings.

Education and Knowledge

Students will truly reap rewards this week for all the seeds of hard work they have sowed. The planets are in complete favour of students receiving admission letters from colleges of their choice and they will perform excellently in all upcoming exams. Arts and Commerce students will particularly excel at a fast pace. Teachers will provide invaluable tips which will help students in grasping difficult concepts. They will inspire everyone by their enthusiasm and positivity towards academics.


The week will bring average physical fitness and your mental health will be disturbed due to excessive work load. Be calm through the anxieties, as there is a chance of ailments resurfacing which you had been suffering from earlier. Take the Doctor’s medication diligently and do not delay or neglect a single thing as it can lead to further complications. The good news is that your immune system is strong and can fight the ailments.

Money and Finances

The mantra for your finances this week is ‘earn and spend’. You will buy expensive gifts for your family as your financial condition will permit you to do so – but keep in mind to splurge only on the things your family needs. A wise option would be to try to make use of this planetary alignment and save money for the future. You may earn profits through stock market trading.

Career and Business

Salaried employees will experience fantastic coordination with peers and seniors. Their positivity will allow them to work efficiently and produce results. They will easily cope with enormous work load and their zest will be inspiring for colleagues. For people in Printing and Transportation industry, business turnover will exceed expectations and the week will be a lucky one. Businessmen and traders associated with these industries will also benefit.

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