Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 15th – 21st March, 2020


Love and Relationships

Romance and love life this week will be poetic! Fresh, scintillating and mesmerizing! Every moment that you spend with your beloved will feel like eternal bliss. The week seems to be great for making new friends too. As a matter of fact, you will add several new pals to your inner circle. Any misunderstandings from the past with your partner/friends/family will be resolved amicably. You will get emotionally closer to your partner and form strong bonds! Married couples need to pay attention to deteriorating health of spouse.

Education and Knowledge

This week seems to be very good for students. Students will be able to achieve fantastic results, provided they do not divert their focus to something other than regular academics. Under no circumstances should students allow laziness to creep in. Having a lethargic lifestyle will most certainly affect your results negatively. The inclination of students will be more towards extra-curricular activities during mid-week. It is advisable to give your studies as much time as everything else, maybe even more. Students will be duly rewarded for all their diligent hard work and perseverance towards the weekend. We recommend that students from all walks practice meditation regularly.


You will have to be extra cautious with health this week. You will face severe stress at work due to immense workload. You will not face any issues with your health during the initial days of the week, but as the weekend approaches things will get difficult – be careful. Completely avoid junk/street food and there is a chance of you falling sick while travelling. It could be as grave as food poisoning, but taking necessary precautionary measures will help in regaining lost vitality.


Overall, the week appears to be pretty profitable for matters related to money. Sensible investments from the past will start yielding returns and your sources of income will increase greatly during this period. You will also be presented with more opportunities to earn. Do not take any decisions regarding finances in a hurry and without necessary contemplation. There may be minor concerns and issues in regards to joint finances or family inheritance. There is also a distinct possibility of incurring unexpected expenses during the mid-week. You will get a relief from all such minor issues as the weekend approaches.

Career and Business

The week is a roller coaster for both, businessmen as well as salaried employees. You may be given plenty of opportunities, both genuine and deceptive. Do not accept any offers in a hurry – think about all the pros and cons. Hasty decisions will have a severely adverse impact. The mid-week is going to be packed. Your schedule will be very hectic and exhausting, but the weekend will be much better. You will be relieved from all the negative stress. The career growth for businessmen as well as salaried employees will take a sharp upward curve soon.

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