Reiki Master Paula Vail Discusses Her New Book Why Am I So Happy


Do you want to feel happier and have a better life? If so, then “Why am I So Happy?” is a book you are going to want to read, because it offers the keys to getting happiness on track and keeping it there. Vail is a nationally recognized leader in personal empowerment, and in this book she gives readers an insider’s view of her own life’s challenges and accomplishments, while also giving them the keys they need to incredible happiness, which she knows already exists inside of each of us – all we need to do is access it. How? Good question by changing our lives through making better choices and developing new attitudes. We were excited by this inspirational book and its message, and were thrilled when Vail agreed to answers our questions about getting happy. 

Every book has a story, has a meaning and a way that has brought it into existence, what is the story behind “Why am I So Happy?” 

The story I tell in my book is me – the true essence of me. I write of challenges and losses that I have experienced.  But, despite these challenges and losses, I write of how I found joy and happiness after these experiences. Because I recognize that many of us face similar difficulties in life, I was inspired to share why I am so happy regardless of life’s trials. I felt compelled to bring my own perspectives and insights gained throughout my life to help others to find joy and happiness in their own lives. It is my deep compassion for others that gave me the determination to bring this book into existence. 

Given the title, we must ask, “Why is Paula Vail so happy?” 

First and foremost, I make an overall conscious choice to be happy. To maintain this feeling, I must continually throughout the day make that choice to be happy. One example of how I do this is that I choose to regularly incorporate gratitude into my life. Every morning, I think of at least one thing for which I am grateful – and that influences my entire day! Also, because I have a server’s heart, I focus on how I can serve others.  This brings me great happiness when I can give back to those in need. Furthermore, I truly believe that our thoughts influence our emotions.  I think “happy” and that’s what I become.  It sounds simple – and it really is!  Think “happy” and you can be happy!  One way I focus my thoughts is to intentionally respond to my “Happiness Triggers”. I describe those more in detail in my book.  

You are one of the world’s leading Reiki Masters and you are a renowned teacher in the Usui Reiki tradition. How did Reiki come into your life and what advice do you have for others that are looking to follow in your footsteps? 

Many years ago, I learned Reiki so that I could help a beloved pet that was ill. I was amazed at how it helped my sweet love. It was right then that I fell in love with the modality of Reiki! If you are looking to learn Reiki, I will tell you that it is life-changing! When you learn this amazing modality, you do it with utmost trust, gratitude, and humility. Reiki is an opportunity to experience something so beautiful it’s beyond words. For anyone considering learning about Reiki, don’t be afraid to explore. Receive a Reiki treatment, talk to others that have experienced Reiki, or take a class.  I am so dedicated to sharing this amazing gift with others, that as a part of my teaching, I will be releasing my own Reiki training manual as my next book release sometime in the upcoming year or so. 

You are considered to be one of America’s Leading Ladies and were featured in the book with other outstanding influencers that include other celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Melinda Gates, Mary Barra (CEO of General Motors Virginia Rometty (CEO of IBM) and more. What are the three keys to your success? 

  1. Positivity. Positive thoughts and actions activate and attract more positivity into my life.  In other words, what you believe is what you achieve. I believe that I am in charge of the vibration level where I energetically reside. When I choose optimism, compassion, and positive manifestation, all of this comes back to me magnified. As a matter of fact, I so strongly believe in the power of positivity, that one of my upcoming projects will be a simple way to share this with others in the form of an inspirational card deck.  Stay tuned!
  2. Trust and say Yes! When I envisioned my goals, I realized that I needed to trust and believe in what’s going to manifest and to also trust that I have the creative power to reach these goals. I realized that, even though I didn’t always know which path would lead me to my accomplishments, I always trusted that there was a path and that it was always the right path in the end. However, at times, I had to create and/or allow for a new one to unfold – another element of trust.  To have the faith in my own instincts and creative ability is very important to realizing my dreams.  As a part of this faith and trust, I also decided to say, “yes!” to any positive manifestations that come my way. Many times, they turn out to be more amazing than I had ever imagined!
  3. Inspiration. I constantly allow myself to be inspired by so many things and the many people who come into my life. Some examples: finding my true calling and passion in life, my family and loved ones, my prior years of serving customers at my restaurant, giving a kind word and a smile, helping someone or an animal, experiencing a beautiful sunset, bringing the healing of Reiki to clients, sharing words of inspiration and hope, and so much more. 

If you can pick any place in the world to perform Reiki where would it be and why? 

For years, I have taught and practiced Reiki in Sedona, Arizona – a spiritual, high energy location. Visiting and having the experience of Reiki in these special places in the world is a true passion of mine.  I would be thrilled to perform Reiki near the legendary Isle Es Vedra, Spain. Feeling the miraculous energy and beauty there would be amazing and unforgettable. 

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