Pyrography Art- How to Find Innovative Ideas?


Pyrography Art is the free handed art of decorating wood or other materials with burn marks. The term, Pyrography, means “writing with fire.”

It can be practiced using specialized modern pyrography tools, or using a metal implement heated in a fire, or even sunlight concentrated with a magnifying lens. “Pyrography dates from the 17th century and reached its highest standard in the 19th century. In its crude form it is pokerwork.”

Pyrography is also popular among gourd crafters and artists, where designs are burned onto the exterior of a dried hard-shell gourd.

Any kind of art needs inspiration and….yes! INNOVATION.

My article answers the question below.

How do you find new ideas when your mind has gone blank and all inspiration has dried up?

Stop pressuring yourself

Important – you may need a good dose of relaxation followed by a little exercise to loosen up your thought waves. Spare some time to completely relax and do nothing challenging at all – like soaking in a heavenly bath or lounge in a really comfy place reading a good book! Then later, if you are able to get out and about in the fresh air, do a little physical exercise – it could be just a half an hour’s walk and then return to base.

  1. First of all get yourself into a nice relaxing environment on your own and have some fun doing a little mind freeing exercise – and I don’t mean press ups! Forget Pyrography for now!
  2. Think of a few pairs of words that link to each other including some words that describe the emotions and write them down on a piece of paper. Leave a large enough space beneath to draw a quick symbol to represent each of the words.


Have some colored pencils to hand and reading through your paired words quickly draw (don’t think too hard just do it) symbols that represent your pair of words e.g. (Peaceful may come out as a straight blue line and angry may be red dots or black scribbles) draw whatever appears from your fingertips using the colored pencil of your choice!

Use the word pair examples below and add some of your own pairs of words.

  • Happy – Sad: Land – Sea: Light – Dark:
  • Peaceful – Angry: Home – Away: Black – White:
  • Big – Small: Hot – Cold: Beautiful – Ugly:
  • Sun – Moon: Young – Old: Liquid – Solid:
  • Day – Night: Loud – Quiet: Long – Short:
  • Laugh – Cry: Love – Hate: Mountain – Valley:

Did you find this little exercise interesting?

Now select some of your favourite music preferably choose 3 or 4 albums that are totally different kinds of music i.e. Blues, rock, non – serious classical, folk etc? Use the radio if you don’t have a wide enough selection at home.

Play one track of each piece of music and whilst you are playing – draw symbols and shapes that come to mind from listening to the rhythm and sounds that you have chosen.

I love many different types of music and one of my playlist is a compilation of rhythms from the soul of Africa. Whenever I play it – images that represent the strong hot colors from that continent always seem to appear for me. So be selective and find a variety of interesting sounds that turn on your imagination.

How do you feel now that you’ve made some marks on paper?

a) You could experiment further by choosing from one or two of your pairs of words and on another piece of paper write down for each pair a list of associated words.


b) Select a piece of music that you found really stimulating – close your eyes and listen carefully – only open your eyes to jot down ideas that represent the sounds that you are hearing.

Your mind/imagination should now feel free to interpret the words or sounds of music into patterns or designs that you can begin to work from and use in your Pyrography.

If you can’t find a pair of words that stimulates your imagination then do the exercise again choosing words in a more random way perhaps from a thesaurus. Do the same with music – try your local library and borrow something completely different to what you would normally listen to.

If you want a natural feel to the sounds that you listen to there’s a great range of music which are all naturally inspired including sounds of the rainforest, oceans, earth wind even animal sounds such as whale and dolphin, birds etc. Use these to stimulate your senses and create beautiful Pyrography which is unique to you.

Don’t get too set in your ways push out your Pyrography boundaries and try out ideas that wouldn’t normally attract you. It is quite freeing and stimulating to use your senses in a different way and you may end up with some surprising and inspirational Pyrography results!

Was it worth reading? Let us know.