Pisces Weekly Horoscope 15th – 21st March, 2020


Love and Relationships

Singles wanting to get married will receive good proposals this week and may even take the step to get engaged.The atmosphere within the family will be full of joy and harmony. Elders of the family will shower their love upon you and will have an understanding attitude. This will keep you mentally happy and relaxed. Fun parties with friends and siblings are a distinct possibility. Married people will be wholeheartedly supported by their in-laws. We recommend that you do not take all of this happiness for granted and always stick to the usage of soft and gentle language. Overall, this is a fantastic week for you to enjoy!

Education and Knowledge

The week is good for students if they impose a little self-discipline. Students will retain excellent focus and concentration upon their studies. They will also be very attentive in class which will positively reflect upon their results. Their confidence and zest will be more than ever. Students will have to keep a check over the company they keep. Do not be in the company of people who are not serious about their careers and studies. Fun, once in a while, is definitely permitted. But partying all the time will certainly have an adverse effect! Students wanting to migrate overseas for studies will be successful.


No major health issues are predicted during this week. But, you will have to take certain precautions. Firstly, avoid street/junk food. Do not eat extra spicy food or dinners late at night. Stick to nutritious meals that are simple to digest. We say so because stomach ailments and acidity are definite possibilities during this week. A minor cut or injury is also a possibility. As such, your energy levels will not be below average, but avoid partying late with friends. A short walk and light exercises will help!


This week is very comfortable for your financial position is concerned. If you have been considering purchase of a new property or some other form of asset, this is a very favourable time to do so. Planetary influences will help you to dispose off unwanted assets. There is a distinct possibility of incurring an expenditure towards decoration of your house. Investments made in the past will start yielding returns! Your sources of income will be very solid and you will successfully regulate unwanted expenses.

Career and Business

This week seems favourable for businessmen and salaried professionals. Salaried employees will receive complete support from colleagues and superiors at work. Businessmen will be presented with several profitable opportunities during this week. People associated with sale and purchase of real estate will make great amounts of profit during this time. Avoid taking any shortcuts and check all paperwork before execution of property deals. If businessmen have been considering an expansion, this is a very favourable week to implement it. All in all, an excellent week for your career growth.

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