Old School Ways of Keeping the Flame Alive on Your Wedding Anniversary

Wedding anniversaries are special events. Especially those big ones that mark 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th and 50th anniverary .

On that special day, you can take time off to reminisce the past. You can take a look at your mementos starting from your first date. Do dust off the photo album and go through pictures of special occasions such as your wedding day or delivery of your newborn child. You can play the video of your wedding day or dress up in your wedding clothes. Maybe by now they are too small or tight for you.

On this day, you stop and reflect the state of the union between husband and wife. Then it hits you so hard that you have actually spent so little time on your dear spouse. Why? We have got to concentrate mind and soul on our careers and slog hard from morning to night at the office. By the end of the day, both partners are tired and too exhausted to talk to each other. Then your focus of attention will be on your kids. You have to take care of them play with them, feed them, monitor them and supervise them. You have to check whether they have eaten, bathed and done their homework.

Besides work and family commitments, you have to worry about finance . Do you have enough money to pay bills ranging from housing, car loans, groceries, clothes, school fees? It’s enough to kill the joy of marriage.

But on the other hand , you can reflect on the positive, such as overcoming problems and obstacles through strength and perseverance.

Both partners should share something in common. Shared experiences makes a lot of difference. Here are a few examples. Saving money to buy your first house. The two partners deciding where to live, and what kind of house to live in.

The couple can find delight in sharing tasks together. I remember taking care of my baby son. He would cry in the middle of the night wanting either to change diapers or to be fed. We would turn turns looking after baby. She would be tired out attending to his night time needs after one or two days. I would then take care of baby on the subsequent nights.

Both partners need to have same mindset or similar interest. Both my wife and I enjoy going to the movies, love children and enjoy traveling.

What similar interests do you have as a couple ? Find out what similar interests both of you have. Is it a particular kind of food, movies or travels?

And when baby comes along, make sure you also have some time to spend on your own. Ideally, you could get your parents or parents in law to help take care of baby.

On this special day, take time to reflect what both of you wanted to do together but never got down to doing it either due to work or family commitments. Find out what he or she likes . If she is fond of good food then bring her out for a good scrumptious meal at an expensive restaurant . If she likes shopping then bring her out to her favorite shopping mall and help to buy dresses. Make it special for her/him. Memories last longer than money.

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