Oh, deer! Treasured animals wander Nara streets

A deer walks across a pedestrian crossing in Nara, Japan, Thursday, March 19, 2020. More than 1000 deer roam free in the ancient capital city of Japan. Despite the town's tourism decline, these wild animals are doing just fine without treats from tourists, according to a deer protection group

Tours are canceled. Restaurants are empty. And centuries-old temples are quieter than usual in the ancient capital city of Japan, hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic.

All of Nara is suffering with its UNESCO World Heritage Site listed temples shuttered as Japan fights the virus.

All except the deer. The daily life of the town’s ’treasured animal remains virtually unchanged.

While most deer stay within the boundaries of their grassy park, some wander off to gift shops and restaurants across the street from the park. The deer have the right of way, and drivers honor it.

Fewer tourists only means a bit more competition for the sugar-free treats or “deer crackers,” which are mostly made of wheat flour.

A stack of crackers runs out fast when a dozen deer swarm around a generous feeder, nodding their heads as if they are giving a Japanese-style bow.

When done feeding, simply hold up your empty hands toward the deer. They will magically disperse.

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