NYK Review of WWE Elimination Chamber and Play by Play Results: March 8, 2020

  • MARCH 8, 2020



Zach Ryder starts the match with Erik of the Viking Raiders. Ryder tries to be quick with Erik, but Erik just responds with a big shoulder block. Ryder tags in Hawkins, and Erik responds with two big shoulder blocks again. Hawkins tries to collect himself, but Ryder distracts Erik, which allows for Hawkins to hit an Enziguri on Erik. Hawkins picks up Eric and delivers a back suplex.

Erik gets to the outside and Hawkins flies off the apron to deliver a flying clothesline to Erik! Back in the ring now, Hawkins tries to pick up Erik, but Erik surprises Hawkins with a big right hand, flooring Hawkins and allowing Erik to tag in Ivar!

Ivar starts to take down both Hawkins and Ryder with multiple clotheslines and Erik comes in and hits a big knee on Ryder. Erik and Ivar deliver the Viking Experience on Hawkins to pick up the victory.

Winners: The Viking Raiders

Match Review: 2.5/5. Viking Raiders are a talented team. I don’t know why they are punished and pushed into the pre-show. Sad!

Main Show Begins–


We start with a collar and elbow tie up from both men and Gulak tosses Bryan over and Bryan gets up. We get another collar and elbow tie up and Gulak hits a fireman’s carry on Bryan and Gulak locks in a wrist lock, but Bryan escapes and needs to collect himself. Bryan now gets a headlock takeover on Gulak, but Gulak counters into a headscissors leg lock. Bryan reverses into a leg lock, but Gulak reverses into a leg lock of their own! Both men start to hit each other with the opposing legend the referee is forced to separate them. Bryan gets out of the ring to collect himself. We are seeing a technical one here folks.

Bryan picks the ankle of Gulak and rolls him to his belly. Bryan then works in a surfboard, but Gulak won’t give it up easily, so Bryan is forced to rake at the mouth. Gulak powers out and starts to lock in the surfboard himself! He locks it in and Bryan is in deep pain, but eventually is able to get out and nails a well placed kick to the leg of Gulak.

Gulak gets up and Bryan tries to give him a kick but Gulak snatches it and delivers a dragon screw to Bryan. Bryan tries to grab the legs of Bryan, Gulak, but Gulak is able to grab the head and neck of Bryan before starting to spin around with it and then deliver a neck breaker to Bryan. Gulak goes for the cover, but Bryan kicks out.

Gulak puts Bryan in the corner and delivers a thunderous chop, then another. Gulak grabs Bryan and tries to deliver a front suplex on the ropes, but Bryan counters with a suplex OVER the ropes to Gulak, but Gulak hangs on and Bryan crashes and burns to the outside as well. Both men down and the referee starts to count, but both men make it back in at the count of 6.

Gulak starts to deliver chops again, but Bryan gets some kicks on Gulak for some separation. Bryan misses wildly, which allows Gulak to deliver a HIGH side suplex, landing Bryan on the back of his neck and head. Bryan tries to get feeling into his hands and Gulak picks him up. He looks to hit a strike of his own, but Bryan ducks and nails Gulak with a dragon suplex into a pin, but Gulak kicks out at two!!

Both men up and Bryan tries for a German Suplex, but Gulak goes behind and hits one of his own. Gulak picks him up and he hits a release German Suplex, and Bryan lands on the top of his head and it is extremely scary. They replay it several times and it is VERY hard to watch.

Both men up and Bryan some how has every and bounces off the ropes and hits Gulak with an elbow. Both men up again and the two hit strikes back and forth. Bryan starts to nail his YES kicks in the corner. The two men make it up to the top rope and Gulak gets down and sets Bryan up in the top! Gulak goes back up and nail a SICKENING reverse suplex on Bryan before locking in the GULOCK! Bryan is able to roll through and lock in the YES LOCK!! Bryan will not let go and Gulak is in the center of the ring. Gulak passes out from the pain and the referee is forced to ring the bell.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Match Review: 4/5. WOW! Daniel Bryan at his very best. Finally, Bryan gets to have a long match. I have no words. This match was poetry in motion. I am deeply impressed with Gulock too. He was giving back with everything he had. This was one of the best opener for a WWE Pay Per View and definitely the best match on Main Roster in 2020. Let’s have more of this, please? I wanted to rate it higher but the match was predictable as no one thought Gulock will win. But they made it look even. Final 3 minutes were the best.


Andrade hits a HUGE back elbow right out of the gates to Carrillo, then goes for the cover, but Carrillo kicks out Carrillo ties to get some momentum, but Andrade hits a back body drop on Carrillo. Andrade whips Humberto into the corner and springboards up and hits Andrade with a high crossbody. Both men up and Carrillo now hits a springboard arm drag, sending Andrade across the ring and to the outside.

Carrillo goes after Andrade, but Andrade grabs the head and pulls it off the ropes, sending Carrillo crashing and burning. Andrade gets in and grabs the arm of Carrillo and nails him with repeated back elbows. Carrillo once again tries to come back, but Andrade knees Carrillo hard, buckling the legs of Carrillo before Andrade sends him out of the ring.

Back in the ring, Andrade now locks in an arm bar on Carrillo. Carrillo fights back up and hits a few kicks and forearms to Andrade, but once again Andrade comes back with a knee. He winds up and looks to clothesline Carrillo over the top rope, but Carrillo sends him up and over, crashing down hard to the mats below. Andrade comes back in and nails a jaw breaker on Andrade, but Andrade tries to not slow down, which him charging in leads into a tilt-a-whirl back breaker from Humberto. Humberto charges at him once again, but Andrade dodges and sends him head first into the turnbuckle.

Andrade goes up top, but Humberto interrupts him, sending Andrade crashing. Carrillo tries for a superplex, but Andrade fights back with a HUGE chop. Carrillo fights back with a chop of his own before nailing a SUPER HURRICANRANA! Carrillo crawls to the cover, 1……….2………….Andrade kicks out!

Carrillo goes up top to hit a finishing moonsault, but Andrade moves, and Carrillo lands on his feet! Humberto runs at Andrade, but Andrade arm drags him into the corner! Andrade runs and nails the meterora double knees on Humberto and goes for the cover, but Carrillo kicks out! Zelina Vega can’t believe it and she starts to lift up the mats on the outside.

Andrade brings Carrillo out there to hit the hammerlock DDT, but Carrillo reverses with a back body drop. Both men back on the inside and Carrillo goes for the cover, but Andrade reverses with his own cover. Carrillo reverses into a roll up, but Andrade reverses into a rollup of his own and grabs the tights to pick up the three count!

Winner AND STILL WWE United States Champion: Andrade “Cien” Almas

Match Review: 3.25/5. Good Match with Andrade winning with a roll up. The Roll up Finish is boring and it has outdone itself. What’s next for the U.S. Champion? Let’s see.


The Usos and the New Day start the match and we start with clubbing blows between both teams. Kofi hits a back elbow on Jey, while Jimmy works in the corner on Big E. Kingston nails a dropkick on Jey, but turns around into. big right hand but Jimmy. Big E runs at Jimmy, who leap frogs him, but Big E stops grabs Jimmy, and nails him with a Belly to Belly! Jey hits a crossbody on Big E, and then both members of the Usos put Kofi on the top rope. Big E grabs Jimmy and throws him outside of the ring. He tries to power bomb Jey, but Jimmy races in and grabs Jey down and we have a stand off in the middle of the ring.

The timer starts counting down and we see the next participants in the match…..Lucha House Party! Lucha House party springboards in and takes out The New Day, but then go at it with the Usos. Gran Metalik springboards off the ropes and hits Jimmy Usos with a dropkick off the middle rope and Lince Dorado nails a moonsault. Big E back in the ring and Metalik goes after him, but Big E launches him outside of the ring and then Lince shortly there after the same.

Lince Dorado climbs to the top of the pod and Kofi Kingston follows him! Gran Metalik follows and they throw Kofi back into the ring! Lince Dorado flies right onto both members of the Usos and Metalik flips onto both members of the New Day!

Now we see the timer once again and the lights flash, unleashing the Smackdown Tag Team Champions, Miz and Morrison. Miz and Morrison go right after the New Day, taking them out and throwing them into the cage. They now go after Gran Metalik, putting  him in the tree of woe, and then Miz hits some IT Kicks and Morrison hits a spinning kick to the midsection of Metalik.

Metalik is put on the top of the pod by Morrison, and starts to counter….and Metalik hits a SICK hurricanrana off the top of the pod onto Morrison, sending Morrison crashing and burning! He goes for the cover, but Miz breaks it up in the nick of time!

We see the lights flash again, and this time, Heavy Machinery come in and take out EVERYONE! Lince Dorado gets away and starts to scale the cage like Spider-Man. A brawl takes place in the middle of the ring, and Dorado flips off the top and falls onto EVERYONE! Tucker and Otis are Abel to recover and hit Metalik with the compactor, eliminating the Lucha House Party.

Now, Ziggler and Roode are next released from their pods, but they don’t want to get out! Heavy Machinery tries to get into their pod, but they try to keep it shut. Ziggler escapes up the pod, while Roode gets away. Otis yells at Ziggler, but Tucker scales the cage and tosses Ziggler right into the arms of Otis, who hangs up Ziggler on the ropes. Ziggler starts to get up and Otis runs at him, but Ziggler moves out of the way and Otis goes through the pod and OUT OF THE RING!!! No one can believe it and Tucker turns around into a Glorious DDT from Robert Rode  and Heavy Machinery is eliminated!

Roode and Ziggler are proud of themselves and start to taunt Heavy Machinery as they’re walking out, but Roode turns around into Trouble In Paradise from Kofi Kingston and a Big Ending to Ziggler by Big E! The Usos climb to the the top of the pods and hit double Uso Splashes to Eliminate Roode and Ziggler.

Three teams left, The Usos, The New Day, and Miz & Morrison. Both teams go right after Miz & Morrison before turning attention each other. Kofi tries to go up top to the pod to nail a crossbody, but Jey Uso moves out of the way and Kofi goes crashing and burning. Miz and Morrison double cover Kofi and they eliminate The New Day!

The Usos try to superkick The Miz, but Miz moves out of the way and sends them into each other. Miz responds with a Skull Crushing Finale to Jimmy. Miz and Morrison do a double cover and Miz puts his feet on the ropes to pick up the victory.

Winners AND STILL Smackdown Tag Team Champions: Miz & Morrison

Match Review: 4/5. One of the good elimination chamber match with the right team winning. Morrizon looked amazing in the ring and he hasn’t lost a beat. The New Day and Usos are perfect as usual. Otis was the man of the match here with his anger and frustration against Ziggler. The Out of the Ring Bump by Otis will remain a visual treat for a long time. I look forward to Ziggler Vs Otis at Wrestlemania


Both men circle the ring and AJ quickly gets a side headlock on Black. Black sends Styles off the ropes and Black looks ready to strike so AJ holds onto the ropes and smiles. Styles looks to pick the leg of Black, but Black breaks away. Style once again tries to pick the leg, but Black backs up and nails Styles with a kick to the midsection. Black starts to nail Styles with kicks to the leg, but Gallows gets up on the ring apron and Styles hits Black with a chop block.

AJ Styles goes and grabs a kendo stick from under the ring and he nails Black in the back of the leg with it. Black goes to the outside to recoup and AJ springboards to the outside to follow, but Black hits AJ with a big knee to the midsection. Black sets up a table but turns around and is met with a steel chair from AJ to the midsection. AJ throws him back in the ring and sets up the chair in the corner. Black tries fighting away and is able to avoid being sent into the corner, but AJ surprises Black with a step up Enziguri to the back of the head.

Styles sticks his knee to the back of the leg of Black before getting up and hitting him with a kick to the midsection. Black starts to get some energy behind him and return some kicks of his own before a crazy knee to the side of the head of AJ. Black gingerly walks towards Styles, but Styles Is too quick and locks in the Calf Crusher!!! Black is screaming in the center of the ring and finally makes his way to grab the Kendo Stick that is in the center of the ring and he starts to press it hard on the face of Styles and he is forced to let go.

Both men get up and Styles surprises Black with a brain buster in the center of the ring. He goes for the cover, but once again Black kicks out at two. AJ looks towards the steel chair but Black springboards off the middle rope and nails a moonsault onto AJ! Black kicks to get some feeling back in his leg, then finds himself behind AJ to hit a German Suplex. He picks him up again but this time AJ picks up Aleister to nail a ridiculous Ushigaroshi, crunching Black’s neck right to the knee of Styles.  Black gets up and tries to springboard off the 2nd rope again, but AJ catches him in Tombstone position! Styles slashes at his throat in true Undertaker fashion, but Black rolls through and AJ goes right into the chair that was propped up in the corner!

Black calls for the Black Mass and this prompts Gallows and Anderson to rush the ring and start a beatdown on Black. They hit Black with the MagiKiller much to the love of AJ Styles. Styles gets on the apron to set up for the Phenomenal Forearm while The OC hold Aleister Black….

The Dark Lord is back!

The lights go out and then come back on and instead of The OC holding Black….THE UNDERTAKER HAS GALLOWS AND ANDERSON BY THE NECK! AJ tries to nail the phenomenal forearm to The Undertaker, but The Undertaker snatches him out of the air and nails a HUGE choke slam in the center of the ring to AJ. The lights go out again and when they come back on, only Black and Styles are in the ring! Black gets up and he nails AJ Styles with a Black Mass to pick up the victory!!!

Winner: Aleister Black

Match Review: 4/5. Another good match with right man winning although it was an expected DeadMan interference that cost AJ Styles the match. The match was timed well. I want another rematch between Black and Styles but this time with no interference, please? Great match!


Montez Ford pretty much being the star of this match, taking out everyone, including jumping over the top of the ropes taking out Rollins and Murphy. The AOP quickly get involved and slam Ford into the barricade. The Viking Raiders come out and they chase off the AOP.

Back in the Ring, Rollins nails Ford with a Falcon Arrow then tags in Murphy. Murphy drives his elbow right into the back of the neck of Ford, then locks in a rear chin lock to Montez Ford. Ford tries to battle out with some elbows, but once again, Murphy drives Ford into the corner. He tries to get to Angelo Dawkins, but Murphy blocks him and then hits Ford with a Meteora.

Rollins is tagged in once again and Murphy charges at Ford, but Ford sends him to the outside. Ford tags in Dawkins, who takes out Rollins and Murphy. Montez Ford comes back in who hits a neck breaker on Rollins and goes for the cover, but Rollins kicks out. Dawkins back in and Rollins pushes Dawkins into the corner before tagging in Murphy. Murphy nails a knee to the face of Dawkins and then both Rollins and Murphy hit super kicks to the face of Ford.

Kevin Owens is shown making his way through the crowd with popcorn and jumps the barricade. Rollins notices him and gets in his face. Owens throws popcorn at him and the distraction allows Dawkins to level Rollins and send him into the barricade. Montez Ford in the ring is able to nail Murphy with the frog splash to pick up the victory and retain the championship.

Winners AND STILL Raw Tag Team Champions: The Street Profits

Match Review: 2/5. Less of a match and more of a segment. The build up to Seth Rollins and Owens 3:16 has been decent. Elimination Chamber has been used to build up Wrestlemania. I am fine with it but let’s also balance the same with complete and clean matches?

Owens gets in the ring with his popcorn and as Rollins is dazed, he turns around and walks into a stunner from Owens.


Sami Zayn is in a ring wrestling! He starts the match with Braun Strowman, but Sami tags out quick and Shinsuke Nakamura is tagged in. Nakamura tries to over power Braun for some reason, and Braun just stands there and clotheslines the face off of Shinsuke Nakamura. Strowman continuously gets distracted by Sami Zayn, which allows Cesaro to come in and hits a wicket uppercut Strowman, getting him off his feet. Zayn asks to be tagged in and he starts to stomp away on Strowman.

Strowman starts to get up and Zayn tags in Nakamura. Nakamura starts to choke away on Braun Strowman and then Zayn asks to be tagged in again. Zayn continues choking Strowman than quickly tags in Nakamura. Nakamura fights at Braun, but Braun throws Nakamura and then clubs him hard across the chest. Zayn attacks Strowman from behind and then Strowman chases him outside of the ring and plows down both Cesaro and Nakamura.

Back in the ring now, Strowman is still trying to get a hold of Zayn, but Cesaro is able to toss Braun into the corner by surprise. Nakamura then delivers a Kinshasa, sandwiching his head between his knee and the ring post. Cesaro and Nakamura pick up Braun Strowman in a suplex and Zayn is able to hit the helluva kick and pin Strowman to win the Intercontinental Championship!

Winner AND NEW Intercontinental Champion: Sami Zayn!

Match Review: 2/5! Odds Played against Braun Strowman. Average match with too much going on. Nakamura Vs Sami Zayn at Mania? It will be great.


Ruby Riott starts the match with Natalya and Natalya quickly puts Ruby out of the ring. She starts to shove her face into the steel and then locks in the sharp shooter. Ruby powers out and then she shoves Natalya into Liv Morgan’s pod. Ruby climbs the cage and gets go, hitting a sort of coffin drop on Natalya.

Ruby continuously gives Natalya a taste of her own medicine by rubbing Natalya’s face into the steel. The next participant comes in and it is Sarah Logan. Logan immediately goes after Natalya as well and slams her into into Liv Morgan’s pod hard again. Ruby Riott climbs the cage to get away but Sarah Logan follows and they end up on the top of Liv Morgan’s pod. The two trade right hands on the top of the pod and then Ruby starts to climb down, but Natalya meets her and power bombs her HARD on the outside of the ring.

Sarah Logan jumps off the pod and crossbodies Natalya hard right across the face! Up next is Shanya Baszler, who comes out and knees Sarah Logan in the face and then puts in the Kirafuda clutch, immediately tapping out Sarah Logan. Baszler goes after Ruby Riott, who also gets a sickening knee to the face, then locks in the Kirafuda clutch and Riott taps out.

Now Baszler goes after Natalya, and she throws her into the pod. She non-stop continued to take the pod door and slam it repeatedly into Natalya’s face. Baszler locks in the Kirafuda Clutch and Natalya is forced to tap out. Shayna smiles sadistically and walks around the ring as the crowd boos her. She taunts both Asuka and Liv Morgan, and then after about two minutes, Liv Morgan finally comes in.

Morgan hits some early offense, but Bazsler rams her into the cage. She picks her up and swings her into the cage, then hard into the pod! She keeps ramming Morgan’s face into the cage, then shoves her face right into the pod where Asuka is waiting. Finally Shayna gets on the 2nd rope and lifts up Morgan in the Kirafuda Clutch and Morgan passes out, forcing the referee to call it for Morgan.

Shayna taunts Asuka and Asuka is ready for Shayna and after an extended period of time, Asuka enters the match. Asuka catches Shayna with a couple of kicks, rocking her. Shayna comes back with a knee and then Asuka tries to lock in the Asuka Lock. Shayna counters into the Kirafuda clutch and Asuka passes out for Shayna to pick up the victory.

Winner: Shayna Baszler

Match Review: 2.5/5! Shayna Baszler was booked strong. Everything else is forgettable. Yawn Fest. The match wasn’t booked well. Last few minutes with Asuka and Shayna saved the match. So, WWE has pencilled Shayna Vs Becky Lynch. Cool. Asuka is a talent wasted by the WWE Team. She needs to get a move on already.

WWE WWE Elimination Chamber Review: 7.5/10

  1. A good Pay Per View with three 4 Star Matches. You don’t get to see such excellent wrestling bouts in WWE anymore. Supremely impressed with AJ Styles and Black.
  2. Daniel Bryan and Drew Gulak stole the show. Daniel Bryan is still the best WWE Wrestler and he has shown it today yet again with a 4 star match Vs Gulak although no body thought Gulak would win. WWE Needs to invest more time on him because he can Wrestle and WWE is World Wrestling Entertainment.
  3. Tag Team Elimination Chamber Match was good. Otis sold the ‘being thrown out of chamber’ really well and it will be remembered for a long time.
  4. Women’s Wrestling was boring. Asuka needs a Rivalry or a Release. She’d be so good in AEW. Tony Khan, are you listening?
  5. Sami Zayn finally wins a gold. He deserved it. He should find a realistic rivalry soon though.
  6. Kevin Owens did a Stone Cold. Rollins Vs Owens will be a good match at Wrasstlemania.

TOP 3 Stars of the show

  1. Daniel Bryan. (He is back)
  2. Drew Gulak (This was his best WWE Match)
  3. Aleister Black (He should be WWE Champion by Wrestlemania 2021)
  4. AJ Styles

Sorry I chose 4. Can’t leave out the Phenomenal One (Pun Intended).

Good PPV. Happy to see Bryan Danielson showing why he is the best in the world. Drew Gulak Proved he can fight and finally we saw Aleister Black in a proper Wrestling Match on the main roster, and he didn’t disappoint. Happy for Sami Zayn. He is a very talented Wrestler. Give us Zayn Vs Nakamura at Wrestlemania.

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