Move over Perfection, Action with Enthusiasm is the Real Deal

According to, Action, act, deed mean something done. Action applies especially to the doing, act to the result of the doing. An action usually lasts through some time and consists of more than one act: to take action on a petition. An act is single: an act of kindness.

Enthusiasm is intense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval.

What is Perfection?

answer) It is an illusion!

Enthusiasm and Action

Have you ever wondered why often the greatest plans and ideas do not succeed and come to fruition, while lesser ones do? The reality is that unless a leader is extraordinarily enthusiastic, and takes action in a timely manner, even the greatest plans will not garner positive results. A dream will never become a goal, and goals will never lead anywhere, unless a leader wakes up, and takes action. Conditions will never be absolutely ideal, and thus, if someone in leadership waits for the perfect set of circumstances, or a plan with no possibility of flaws, little is generally accomplished.

Why is enthusiasm essential?

In almost all instances, no one individual, no matter how talented, resourceful, crafty, intelligent or industrious, can accomplish what needs to be done all by himself. One of the principal concepts that I have always stressed is that it is incumbent on great leaders to develop both followers and future leaders. This can only be done successfully when great attention is paid to the importance of motivating others. Leaders motivate others in a number of ways, which generally begin by leading by example. When a leader rolls up his sleeves, and proactively shows others what he does and how they can work together, he creates a rapport with his followers that motivates them. It is indeed the enthusiastic actions taken by a leader that leads the way, and it is that enthusiasm that causes others to listen, and be willing to commit more, and take an active role.

I have witnessed many unsuccessful individuals in leadership positions, who are unsuccessful, to a large extent, because they seem unwilling or unable to take timely action. These individuals often state that they are waiting for more information, better circumstances, or until they are certain of the results. If we all had crystal balls and could accurately foresee the future, perhaps that philosophy might make sense, but since the only thing that is one hundred percent certain is that there can be no positive results unless there is action taken, and that action must be timely in nature.

Do you want to be the best leader you can be? Then, avoid procrastination, believe in yourself, and your vision, and motivate others with your enthusiasm and commitment. Then, take timely action, but be prepared with contingency plans if they prove necessary.

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