Modi Allots USD 1.9B to Fight Corona, India to Observe Historic 21 Day Lockdown


The Prime Minister of India has ordered for a strict 21 day lockdown in India, starting midnight IST, to ensure that people do not venture out of their homes amidst the outbreak. This is in effect with a nation wide Curfew that will not permit any citizen to leave their homes except during emergencies, along with releasing $1.9 Billion for assistance.

Narendra Modi, addressed the nation at 8:00 pm IST on an official note, on the measures being taken by the Indian Government to combat Coronavirus. His active governance is seeing light and here’s how:

He made a grave statement “If India fails to adhere to the lockdown for the next 21 days, it will set back by 21 years”.

He started the address by stating that the Janata Curfew followed by Indian Citizens on Sunday was a huge success, where people came out in their balconies and played music to commemorate the doctors and labour work force for their efforts as an act of immeasurable gratitude. He then emphasized the importance of Social Distancing now more than ever. To lighten the mood, he also turned ‘Corona’ into an acronym of the Hindi language, “Koi Road Pe Na Niklo” which translates to “nobody should come out on the streets”. The PM mentioned, that even countries with the best healthcare system in the world are struggling to cope with this pandemic, which goes on to show how deadly it is, and how the consequences lie in our hands as much as those of Science.

Modi mentioned, that the government is making all efforts to ensure that essential goods and services are available during the lockdown period. He lauded the contribution of several private organizations/companies that have had a huge impact on the preparedness of the country and spoke on the need for private and public entities to collaborate today for a brighter tomorrow.

In a huge welcome move, the Modi Government in India is allocating a whopping amount of USD 1.9 Billion towards improving the Health Infrastructure of the country, so it is well prepared to tackle the eventualities. This will go towards testing facilities, personal protective equipment, isolation beds, ICU beds and ventilators.

The Prime Minister asserted on the social evil of rumours, that have been doing the rounds on not just communication platforms like WhatsApp, but also on several media outlets – he proposed consulting a doctor before consuming any medication whatsoever, considering there might be people who are not fully aware of the symptoms of Corona, and there are several medications in the market that claim to be an effective preventive measure.

The Ministry of Home Affairs will also be starting a 24/7 hotline to cater to logistics issues faced by all the state governments.

Modi stated, “For 21 days, forget what going out means. The lockdown is long but significant to save lives”.

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