Marketing Blunders as a Metaphor: Looking For the Wormhole

Decoding Marketing Blunders through a very unusual comparision


Service people who do not do concrete marketing plans generally have mental marketing strategies that are unrealistic because they are overly optimistic about the results that they will get.

I call their marketing strategy “the Wormhole”.

Wormholes have these characteristics:

  • It takes in everything along the path
  • It moves them very quickly from one place to another
  • It dumps everything out in some random place in space
  • It closes up without notice, leaving behind no sign that it ever existed

For these business owners who want to own the wormhole, they believe that there is going to be one thing that they do that is so magical for them that everyone will just be pulled to them and their business. In he process, their clients pockets will empty themselves right into this business.

This is not a great marketing strategy for the following reasons:

  • If this is the way you see your business, just like a wormhole, it will not last. The wormhole closes up and disappears without warning.
  • In their relationship with you, they feel anxious and confused and worry about where they will end up, without ever having the time to think it through.
  • In real life, some of the people who get sucked in would spread the word that although it may have been a wild ride, it did not necessarily get them to where they wanted to go.
  • Most importantly, once he wormhole is gone, there is no sign that it ever existed. Since you want to be memorable, you do not want to be some fable that people talk about, but find hard to really believe in.

Many of your potential clients are floating through space right now, waiting for some vehicle to come along and take them to where they need to go. When you get there, they may want to look at your space ship to see if they believe that it is safe enough for them to get in to. They may want to watch you do a few turns around the solar system. That way they can listen to the engine, and watch to be sure it goes in a straight path. They can also see you pick up other passengers which will help them decide if you are the right vehicle for them. They need this time. You must give it to them, or they will never be comfortable when they get into your space ship. Some of them will want to get off before the ride is over. When that happens, they will tell everyone they see not to use your service. That means that not only will they not pay you your full fee, but it will also hurt your future income because other people will be too afraid to use your service in the future.

Building your business is a slow process. Do it slowly, deliberately and masterfully to show that you are an expert who not only can give them what they need to solve their problem, but also what they need to trust you and buy from you.

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