Life Hack of the Month: Understand Temperament and Understand Life

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One of the great realities of human’s existence is that we were equipped with a temperament. This temperament is the part of the flesh that affects behavior. Intrinsically, a temperament is neither good or bad, it exists much like the color of one’s eyes or hair. It adds the tone, the color, an existential dimension to our personality. If everyone had the same temperament, things would be pretty monotonous. But just has evolution has provided you with a unique appearance, it has also blessed you with a unique temperament. (Bless you, Darwin)

Now this temperament provides inclinations that affect your behavior. You may find large numbers of people attractive, or you may prefer to know just a few, carefully chosen individuals. There is an endless list of likes and dislikes that are initiated by the temperament you were built with.

Your temperament has both strong assets and liabilities. With an accurate knowledge of the characteristics of your temperament, the answer to “Why do I do this?” often arises. When you start to understand that some of things you want to do are inspired by the way your physical nature was constructed, you start to attain freedom. You can now decide whether not going with what your physical nature suggests, or something else, such as what the spirit suggests. This internal dialogue is very real, and the decisions you make create your life. So, how will you decide? Will you decide to go the way of your physical nature? It is not always a bad choice. Often the desires of your temperament and your spirit will be in harmony. But when they are in conflict…now there’s the rub!

Man has spent thousands of years trying to understand the temperament. Just as the DNA of man has finally been mapped (but still holds tonnes of mysteries) the study of the temperament has revealed much. The more understanding you have of this important information, the more free you will become. With that freedom comes the ability to share it with others.

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