Libra Weekly Horoscope 8th – 15th March, 2020


Love and Relationships

The week will be beautiful for love and other relationship equations and you will count your blessings in your partner. You will have complete cooperation from your loved one. Even friendship and familial bonds will be stronger. Your honesty and levels of zest will win hearts all around. There will be a charismatic chemistry between married couples and you will be blessed with quality time. The family atmosphere within the family will be peaceful.

Education and Knowledge

Students pursuing higher education will excel in upcoming exams. But avoid taking any major decisions pertaining to education in a hurry without thorough analysis. Students will have no trouble with focus and concentration. They will be attentive in class which will benefit them. Apart from doing brilliantly well in academics, students will be keen on performing arts such as acting, singing or drama. Students who wish to migrate abroad for pursuing higher studies will be successful.


This week will be excellent for health and fitness. You will smile through hectic schedules and fulfil all personal and business engagements without any fatigue. This will also increase your confidence and positivity and you will finally stop suffering from old ailments of the past. Your vitality and enthusiasm will be inspirational for everyone.


Financial stability will be good this week if adequate measures are taken. Flow of income will be good and investing now will be beneficial, under the guidance of subject experts. Past Investments would yield returns and be patient for them. Do not invest in property even if the deal seems beneficial – hasty decisions will prove to be harmful in the long run.

Career and Business

The week is excellent for ice cream/beverage and education businesses. Salaried employees will have a satisfying week without issues – just be cautious to avoid arguments with seniors that might crop up. Ego clashes are predicted with both colleagues and seniors. You may get offers from other jobs as well, which you can consider taking up after thoroughly weighing the pros and cons.

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