Libra Weekly Horoscope 22nd – 28th March, 2020


Love and Relationships

You may feel a little upset or hurt due to some inappropriate behaviour from your beloved. Remember, you need to give enough time and space to your partner. Listen to your partner without being judgemental. Physical intimacy between both of you shall be superb! Always be available for your partner and try to spend some quality time with your loved one. Atmosphere within the family shall be joyous keeping you mentally fresh and relaxed. Your little ones will need you during this week. They will seek your guidance in taking important decisions regarding their career goals. Be available! There is nothing more important.

Education and Knowledge

It will be slightly difficult for students to cope up with the upcoming competitive exams due to lack of preparation. It will be imperative for students to be more attentive in class. There is a very thin line of differentiation between a confident attitude and negligence. Students must not lose their concentration under any circumstances. Doing so will definitely have a very adverse effect upon their results. Students wanting to migrate abroad for pursuing higher education will face several obstacles. Nothing will seem to work. We recommend students to postpone their migration formalities for some time.


This week offers moderately good physical and mental health. Stress at work may sometimes be overwhelming. Dealing with such an immense workload will make you feel drained occasionally. You need to relax a bit and engage in activities that are rejuvenating. You could consider pursuing any hobbies that you used to love in the past. Try and inculcate a habit of exercising daily. Avoid eating junk food as much as possible. Stick to a nutritious diet as recommended by your nutritionist or dietitian. If you are on medications, do not skip any dosages. You will not fall prey to any sicknesses if you take care of these guidelines.

Money and Finances

This week demands you to be careful with money. There is a very high chance of salaried employees getting an increment. Before investing in buying shares of any company, we highly recommend that you thoroughly check the background of the company beforehand. Promises of extreme high returns in a very short time are often made by brokers. Do not fall for such traps! Your bank balance and sources of income may increase during this week. Unforeseen medical expenses in regards to someone from the family is a high probability.

Career and Business

This week will offer salaried employees brilliant opportunities to join a better company. These switch-overs will be definitely beneficial in terms of career progress and increase in income. Salaried employees may even get a chance to be relocated at a place of their choice. Businessmen can strike a major deal with a very valuable customer. This will prove to be a very profitable deal in the near future. Businesses done in partnership or joint ventures will be very successful during this period. Businesses related to gold, ornaments and jewellery manufacturing will flourish! Overall, the week offers very good growth prospects.

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