Libra Weekly Horoscope 1st – 7th March 2020

Love and Relationships

The week will be full of frolic with friends and family. School or college bonds will strengthen and you will also count your blessings in your partner. Your emotional and physical chemistry with your soul mate will be extremely endearing! Spend quality time with your family and your children would require extra attention, support and guidance. Your chemistry with your partner will be blissful and passionate. Do not get bogged down by minor problems at home.

Education and Knowledge

The week will be fantastic for students and everyone will be stunned by their progress. They are bound to achieve excellence in every venture. Their performance in competitive exams will be brilliant and teachers/mentors will be thoroughly supportive. Students would explore new methods of learning and apply the mantra of smart work, instead of hard work. Extra curricular activities will also be a domain where students shall outshine everyone else. During this frenzy of academic excellence, meditation will prove to be a useful tactic to recharge your energies.


This week brings forth vitality and positive energies. You will be at peace mentally and prioritize physical fitness over anything else. You will be motivated to join a new fitness centre and this regular exercise will be very beneficial. You will be able to accomplish strenuous as well as daily activities with awe-inspiring levels of vigour. You will be immune to any negativity in the mind or any stress all the time. No major health issues are expected.

Money and Finances

Your finances will be completely under control and you will be able to avoid unnecessary expenses. You will have a keen eye on the sources of your income as well as where expenditure is the highest. Your savings will be substantial this week without any erroneous decision in calculations and budgeting. If you have borrowed money, you will be able to return it with ease this week. Your wise nature will shine and allow you to make great investments which will only bring profits in the future.

Career and Business

Salaried employees will face problems while handling superiors in office, despite sincere efforts. This will cause mental instability which will result in reduced work efficiency and outputs. Salaried employees need to remain calm under these difficult times and only focus on delivering their tasks, as this is a passing phase. Avoid getting involved in arguments just to prove a point. Businessmen will have a good control over their work and will keep a close watch over all aspects which will result in an increase in profits! People belonging to education and machinery field will have an excellent week.

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