Leo Weekly Horoscope 29th March – 4th April, 2020


Love and Relationships

Do not get perturbed, if your partner does not respond to your romantic gestures – it would be a momentary thing. There might be a health scare involving a family member (elderly). While you may be anxious, you must do everything possible to make them feel better and make them recover. If you are an employee, maintain cordial bonds with your colleagues and seniors. Stay calm during stressful circumstances.

Education and Knowledge

Students who are undergoing graduation might have some issues. They may not be able to give enough time to academics, and may not be able to grasp things fast enough to make decent progress. Students in such a situation would actually do well to stay focused while studying. Students who are pursuing higher might get useful advice from their superiors. Such advices may help them get a good grasp of things fast enough and even learn well.


Watch out this week, as you may get physically injured. Middle-aged and old people need to look into age-related health issues, perhaps of the past. If you suffer from high blood pressure or hypertension, get yourself checked to make sure the parameters are well within the healthy numbers. Take your doctor’s advice to regulate your blood pressure. Reduce your consumption of salt. Those who are diabetic need to visit the doctor as well for more check-ups, to keep an eye on probable sugar level fluctuations. Start doing light exercises, so you can stay fit to finish work commitments

Money and Finances

An investment of the past might bring returns, something that will definitely make you feel good. This is a superb period to begin a new venture. Your income will increase, but so will your expenses. Make sure you watch out for unnecessary expenses. This is a good time to save and chalk out an effective financial plan for life.

Career and Business

The 10th house of lunar mansions in the planetary charts is associated to your profession. For Leos, Venus moves into its own zodiac Taurus and then transits into the 10th house. Businessmen will see a rise in market for their product. Businessmen in cosmetics/luxuries/women’s wear and jewellery, may gain profits. Ambitious employees will get guidance from a boss, and improve their performance. This will lead to security and enhanced growth in career prospects.

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