Leo Weekly Horoscope 22nd – 28th March, 2020


Love and Relationships

Difference of opinions with close friends and family could cause misunderstandings. It is best to be silent during such times. Marital relations will be smooth during this week. Mutual caring, love and genuine concern for each other shall substantially increase. Stick to soft and gentle words and avoid using harsh language. Remember, anger is not the solution, love is! Rather than arguing with your partner just for the sake of making a point, it is better to listen to the problems of your partner. You will need to take active interest in your child’s education. Atmosphere at home will be pleasant.

Education and Knowledge

This week will be slightly rough for lazy students. The mantra which will take students safely through this week is focus + concentration + hard work. It is recommended that students focus more on studies instead of extra-curricular activities. More focus is required for studying this week, and extra curricular activities can be continued later too. Competitive exams are going to be a nightmare if you do not prepare well. You will need to put in efforts and a lot of hard work to attain success. When the going gets tough, the tough get going!


Your health will be a roller coaster this week although no major issues are foreseen. You may be traveling a lot this week – during such trips avoid eating junk food as it will definitely cause stomach upsets and flatulence. Your schedule will be hectic and you will remain extremely quite throughout the week. This may result in severe exhaustion and anxiety. Your energy levels will be drained. We recommend that you exercise and stick to healthy food.

Money and Finances

This week is particularly favourable for finance. You will be able to save money for the future and invest well. You will also keep a leash over unnecessary expenses. Investments made in the past will start yielding results. Your income will surely and steadily grow. This week is comfortable for salaried employees as well. It would be a good idea to generate sources for extra income. Salaried employees may also be blessed with additional perks of some kind. Always remember to keep saving for the future as Leos tend to be spendthrifts. Avoid unnecessary investment risks. Long term investments will always prove to be safer.

Career and Business

This week is going to be rough for salaried employees. They will not be able to get the expected level of cooperation from their seniors. Your work colleagues and subordinate staff will also not help you adequately. This will create issues for you in completing assigned tasks within given time. You would feel wrecked mentally. Stay patient and let this time pass. The week is much better for businessmen. The week is pretty promising for retailers, wholesalers as well as commission agents who would be able to earn great amounts of profit.

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