Leo Weekly Horoscope 1st – 7th March 2020

Love and Relationships

There is a possibility of a beautiful romantic getaway with your partner and you may even have a surprise party arranged for you by your friends. Your friends will help you in clearing misunderstandings of the past with anyone you may have had a tiff with. You may have misunderstandings with your father – try clearing them sooner than usual and pay attention to his health. Do not indulge in menial arguments with your spouse, however tempting it may be. If you have children, their well being will require extra attention, especially education.

Education and Knowledge

This week is very favourable for the students who have been working hard. Focus and diligence are the words to stand by this week. Students will get admission letters from the colleges of their choice but dedicated efforts is a mandate before appearing for competitive examinations. Your hard work is bound to yield results which can even astonish everyone. You may even be among the top five ranking students of your class and hold admission letters from the best universities abroad. College students will also shine this week.


This week will be average for your health and it will have its ups and downs. You are susceptible to viral infections and seasonal diseases this week and immense work pressure will only add to the anxiety of it all. Do not let your stress and anxieties control you this week, as it can have drastic effects on your health. Yoga or Meditation are the only solution to your mental troubles this week which will energize your body and mind. Avoid junk food with a strong resilience during this delicate week, and allow your otherwise strong immunity to overcome physical issues.

Money and Finances

You will be very tempted to buy electronics and expensive items. You will be able to clear loans this week and may indulge in purchasing expensive gifts for your family, which won’t affect your strong financial position – however, avoid being a spendthrift. Stock market trading will earn you fruitful rewards and you will be able to focus on saving money for the future.

Career and Business

This week is lucky for businessmen as businesses will experience phenomenal growth and financial goals will be met with ease. The business that will thrive the most are Decor, Cosmetics and Entertainment. Both traders and manufacturers are expected to benefit from the alignment of these stars. Salaried employees may find it hard to strike a bond with their superiors or not damage existing ones, but try to avoid these arguments as they may prove to be harmful in the long run – even if it causes your point to not be proven right. Work pressure will be severe but do not get weighed down by these responsibilities.

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