Keeping a Positive Mental Health as an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is reckless, tricky and unforgiving. 90% of the new business have been failing day in and day out. There are a variety of reasons for a startup failure but today, I wish to write and discuss a different thing all together.

‘Mental health of an Entepreneur’

Entrepreneurs have a very mentally draining life cycle: from Sales to Leadership, Decision Making, Paying Salaries to Training New Employees. Wearing different hats at once brings home a bucket full of stress. The Four Points Guide below will discuss ways to beating the stress and coming out positive, no matter what the situation is

Here is a quick guide on being mentally positive:

Stop underestimating yourself

More often than not, I have seen entrepreneurs staring at themselves in the mirror and regretting all the decisions they have taken. Self Questioning has turned into a route to escape real responsibilities and there is a long pause between plans and implementations. Remember, you are an illusion of your mind. Mind does the thinking and the body reacts. If you can estimate yourself in a more positive light, you will believe in the path that you have chosen. Criticise but constructively. Overestimation is never a problem in mental health. If you underestimate yourself and feel sorry for all your decisions, you will never take a new step in life. If any plans fail, sleep it off, wake up the next morning and figure out a new way to fire fight. Your choice to always be a winner will set a dividing line between you and disappointment. Your choice defines your intent and it will set the manner with which others associate with you. A positive and confident person is always viewed as someone of esteem and significance. People will take you with seriousness.

Don’t go too hard on yourself

No one is perfect. Perfection is a myth. Even the gods have committed mistakes in life. This is the thing that makes us human. Don’t go too hard on yourself. Life is for living; and not to overthink. Forgive yourself for the mistakes which you may have committed and move on. Only you can be your own greatest backbone. If you are not in a position of moving on, you won’t move ahead. Relinquish guilt. Draw yourself a smile. Get ready for the next crucial steps.

Don’t Compare

We are all unique and we all have different paths to follow. Life is meant to be different for different people. I have seen a lot of entrepreneurs feeling a sense of insecurity whenever they watch TED talks on Youtube. Why? Because they haven’t reached to the horizon like the speaker has. This is a proper waste of time. Everybody has their own path to follow. Try not to degrade yourself by comparing and contrasting yourself with other people; since you have no clue what their complete journey is all about. Always remember, comparing takes away all your vibes. It keeps you from seeing your rare quality and how truly unique you are. Try not to compare yourself with others. Compare yourself to the individual you were yesterday. Work on being superior to your past self. You’re your only competitor.

Ignore what others think of you

People will always have bad things to say behind your back. Truth is, we can’t control others. But, we can control ourselves. You are the founder and CEO of your firm, yes! But you are the founder and CEO of your own life as well. You’re the person who has to face the worldly challenges when life hits hard; not others. Ignore what others think of you. They don’t know your struggle story. Only you do. If others’ don’t add value in your life, just let them go. What people think about you does not count. Think good, ignore others and never underestimate yourself- your mental health in in your hands. Protect it, save it and one day, you will make it to your dreams.

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