How to start your Entrepreneurship Journey without Spamming

I have had a good share of experience in the field of entrepreneurship. Other than handling business opinion pieces for NYK Daily, I have been running an electronics marketing firm for the past nine years in my country, Ukraine. With nine years of marketing experience, my team and I have learnt something critical:

I HATE spamming. I HATE feeling like I am adding to the NOISE of the world, without adding quality.

We’ve all felt it whenever we are glued to our TV sets, listening to the radio or while scrolling our social media feeds. ENDLESS Pop-ups, redirects, ploys, unnecessary advertisements of unnecessary things and being marketed to. In all honesty, we are really fed up, and tired of being Market TO!

When I entered the market as an entrepreneur, I was merely marketing and I still felt a bit scammy. Even though EVERYTHING I offered was real, and authentic, it’s hard to get the word out, when you are competing with low morals, spam built, automated, money driven companies who only want to pry the dollar from your hands, and leave you worse for the experience.

I am tired of it, and I want NO PART OF IT!

So, now the question – How to start your entrepreneurship journey, and not resort to spamming and really backhanded feeling techniques?

Let us begin

I have taken time out from marketing, to clear my head and live my life, without feeling like ONE OF THEM. (even though I knew I wasn’t–the noise really got to me.) I was tired of trying to figure out HOW to start a company online, and compete with SO MANY scammers out there. I needed a break- so I took it.

Then, I found some good advice:

A discussion today about entrepreneurship naturally turned into a debate between the difference between the image of an opportunist, and a marketer who feels like a con artist. The question was, how to start a company with the RIGHT frame of mind? How do you become an opportunist and leave the “let’s brag mentality behind?”

First, we must define it, and change perspective, if necessary.

When I hear opportunist, I automatically linked it with capitalistic, bureaucratic, “insurance salesman” marketing. Someone I didn’t trust, and didn’t want to be. My co-debated explained however, that in any self-employment, one must see a need, fill it, and do it with integrity. Let the customer seek you out, and offer you money- don’t force them.

A true opportunist realizes a need, and works to be more than an average. Let’s face it, any person in any line of work, who is mediocre, quickly becomes obsolete. Replaced by 10 others just like them, or better.

SO, the question remains. How does one become an opportunist? How to start a company without Spamming?

STOP trying to PRY OPEN wallets to fill your own.

If you fill a need, and do it without any unnecessary expectations, eventually people will offer you the good O’ cash, Because they want what you are offering, and will seek you out. The best part? You’ve actually earned it.

I’m actually irritated irked with “Get rich” and “How to start a firm” campaigns, that only teach me to add to the already cacophony of sound and advertising in the world.

I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired of being told what I want, and what I should buy. What will make me successful and rich, and moreover what will make me happy.

Come on! We all have more knowledge than that. I understand what I want, I know what makes me happy, and I believe that combining those two things, WILL eventually make my finances secure; without selling my soul to the Spam Disease.

So, The answer to the “How to start a company without spamming” question:

Simply find a need, fill it with integrity, and have patience. Be an opportunist, not a parasite.

Don’t lower your standards to sell something to someone–offer them something that enhances their life, make the information available, don’t invade their world and wallet to fill your own.

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