How To Make Sure Your Remote Workers Are Actually Working? Here are 5 ways!

It’s a very challenging task to keep an eye and monitor employees who are working remotely.

On one hand, working from home/remotely gives employees more freedom with a flexible schedule, on the other hand, it is also very distracting. In such a situation, how do you know your employees are working sincerely? How to make sure that your productivity doesn’t affect?

How will you know that your employees are staying productive?

In today’s post, I will discuss some techniques and some remote employee monitoring tools that will help you to make sure that your employees are working full-time. 

Let’s start –

View Team Activity Regularly

When your employees are working remotely, it is very crucial to have a clear picture with you about all the projects going on to keep a check on progress. Also, it is very important to know the time to time activities to meet the deadlines on time.

You can take the help of remote employee monitoring tools like EmpMonitor to track the activities of your employees.

You can also keep a check on who has done what on a particular day, view all the updates, discussions as well as the tasks they belong to. You can track your employees browsing history, as well as check the login logout details plus time to time screenshots of your employee’s screen. 

This provides you the important information about the productivity of every single team member. It also allows you to know which of your remote team members are utilizing all office hours for the tasks at hand.

Create tasks and Set deadlines

To help achieve larger and small goals, it is very important to set deadlines. There are employees in your company who give their best to complete the tasks on time, and there are some who do the work just enough to not get fired. 

And when your employees are working remotely, setting deadlines will keep the whole team engaged and focused on the goal. The attitude and the approach towards completing the task changes when you set the deadline. 

You can take the help of brilliant tools like ActiveCollab, which is a powerful task management software that helps you manage the projects, track time and expenses, and automate business functions such as reporting and invoicing. 

Set clear cut guidelines

One of the most important things that is needed is communication. There should be proper communication between the members of the company. Before the employees shift or start to work from home, one thing that you should mention is the guidelines that everyone should follow. You should also discuss and take input from your employees about when they think communication can take place. This will help to make sure that everyone should be on the same page, and the projects can be undertaken smoothly. 

Make use of Project Management Tools

To help manage your remote teams and increase productivity, you can take the help of project management tools like Asana, Bitrix. These tools help the employers to set the target for their employees, also employees can communicate with each other about the current and future projects, and can make sure that the target goals should be met. Employers can keep an eye on their employees and identify who is productive and who is just busy.

Also, with the help of these tools, the employers will be able to access the employees who are going beyond their limits and working. And this will help the employers know the right person who deserves the reward. 

Eliminate the idle time

If your employees are working remotely you need to keep an eagle eye on who is sincerely working and who is just spending time. Idle time spent by the employees is the time that hinders productivity the most, and responsible for its loss. It is very important to eliminate this wasted time. But How?

You can make use of brilliant remote employee monitoring software like EmpMonitor. This exception tool provides its users with rich features to track employee productivity and helps to save your company from insider threats as well. 

This employee productivity tracking tool helps you find the total productive as well as non-productive hours of the entire company as well as on an individual basis. 

These were the few things by which you can make sure that your employees who are working from home are actually working! Wisely managing your remote team is a big task but using your mind smartly and taking the help of tools you can easily do it. 

Also, Hire the right people you trust, focus on outcomes, provide them the resources and the techniques they need and be flexible. If you implement the above-mentioned things you never have to wonder whether your employees are working and are productive. Deep inside you already know, they will and they are.

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