How to handle ‘Unresponsive Clients’ as an Entrepreneur

What are Clients?

Customer or client is a recipient of goods or services in return for monetary or other valuable considerations. In Entrepreneurship, customer/consumer/client is god. The sales team is the most important team & reaching out to the client, the second most important step, after the product/service itself.

Today, let’s find out a few reasons for unresponsive clients and how we can deal with them.

Reasons for Unresponsive Clients

• Uncertainty

These days, customers are holding off on making commitments until they are sure. They want to be certain they are making the right decision. With all the economic challenges in the world, buyers are often doing what they can do to slow down the buying process. They want to be accountable for every dime they spend. And they’re not going to rush into any business unless they are absolutely sure.

• Technology

All the technology we have enclosed ourselves in is making us less efficient. This is due to the fact that there are millions of others out there that provide the same service you are offering; so, there is tendency for increase in competition in which your clients might have many options to choose from. And they may even have better offers than your offer. This will affect you more, especially when the other(s) use more efficient communication technology better than you do, to interact with a client.

• Value and Respect

If you are the type that send messages or calls your clients too often, you’ll lose respect and value from them because they’ll think you are forcing your services on them. But if you give them space, and you contact them once in a while, you’ll get more respect than your competitors who disturb with too many emails, calls, messages, etc.

• The Unexpected

Sometimes clients are unresponsive not by choice. It may be due to meetings, family and health issues, and other responsibilities. Many times when an entrepreneur is worried about their client not responding to them, it is for no reason other that something unexpected came up and the client didn’t deliberately put off responding.

Steps to Handle Unresponsive Clients

• Proper Planning

Many business proprietors fail to schedule their next meetings with their prospects. Set outlook up front and set a specific date and time for the next meeting. By doing so, each of you will be using your time and energy efficiently. This saves a lot of time and hassle as you don’t have to chase the client to arrange the next meeting.

• Be Considerate

Before you get worried and stressed out, think about what your client maybe going through and understand their situation. Your client likely has other issues going on that they feel are more pressing and need to be attended to right away.

• Give Value

Look for ways to impress your client by providing an unexpected value. If you read an article that you think would be of interest to them, make sure you send it over. Maybe you thought of a new idea, or just heard about an event they may like. Share it with your client. When you think of your client and put them at the front, your devotion and interest will you stand out and this will help you achieve your goals.

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