How to find Happiness even on a Cloudy Day?

Many people believe the sun must shine for them

March 20th was the International Day of Happiness. It was yesterday, and I was locked in my room, watching the heartbreaking news of Coronavirus outbreak and how it has been destroying Humanity at large. I took a long pause, lost in my head, thinking! How can we find happiness even on such a critical time for humanity.

So I switched my TV off and opened my dairy to pen this short piece, ” How to find Happiness even on a Cloudy Day?”

I believe, your degree of happiness is proportional to what you think makes you happy-and what you think makes you sad. No thing and no person is inherently happiness or sadness-producing.

Your point of view is just that-your point of view. What your partner or your parents, your kids or the guy next door think is irrelevant to what makes you feel good or not good.

Many people believe the sun must shine for them to feel light and happy. They think that grey cloudy days, even worse-rainy days-leave them feeling depressed. There is even a psychological disorder, Season Affective Disorder (SAD), that purports that people get depressed during the winter months due to less sunshine.

The sun definitely impacts our health. But if it were true that less sunshine leads to depression then wouldn’t people who live in cloudy rainy climates feel depressed much of the time? The fact is the need for sunshine is a thought form that thousands, if not millions of people, bought into to excuse away their depression or desire to treat those with SAD.

That is the paradigm — just like the paradigm that rainy days are depressing. You can buy into it or choose not go there.

The first twenty something years of my life I thought cloudy days left me feeling depressed. I also felt that sunny days let me feel happy. Then I met someone who loved rainy days. Her paradigm said that rain is nice, calm and peaceful. For her, rainy days were gifts to enjoy.

When I tried on that concept I found myself readily agreeing that rainy days actually feel as wonderful as sunshiny days-just in a different way. I still find myself enjoying lying in bed at night while the rain dances on the roof.

And I still smile when I see the sun shining brightly, peeking through the blinds.

It really doesn’t matter if it rains or it is sunny, if the clouds make neat patterns across the sky or just make the entire sky grey. All weather deserve love, just like you do.

Happy International Day of Happiness.

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